Leibovit Volume Reversal ToolKit – Mark Leibovit

Originally presented on 4/30/12 While the exact formula for the Leibovit Volume Reversal or the Leibovit VR (aka Volume Reversal or VR) has remained proprietary for over thirty years, it is based upon an analysis of volume. The Volume Reversal serves to identify and validate a particular type of reversal environment, where a shift in market control from buyers to sellers or sellers to buyers occurs, resulting in a change in market direction. The VR has performed consistently well for over thirty years and MetaStock is the first software company to offer a compatible VR plug-in ‘Expert’. Three ‘Experts’ are being introduced: 1) The Leibovit VR Sequential Expert; 2) The Leibovit VR Directional Expert; and 3) The Leibovit VR 2-Day Expert. The Leibovit Volume Reversal Experts are versatile and can be used across markets for trend analysis, short, mid, and longer term trading and overall broad market timing. The Leibovit Volume Reversal can also act as a complimentary indicator component to your existing trading system–its applications are endless.All systems in Mark Leibovit’s Volume Reversal ToolKit have been fully customized to work with different instruments. Mark Leibovit is the developer of the Leibovit Volume Reversal (aka the Volume Reversal) and the publisher and chief market strategist for the Volume Reversal Newsletters, VRTrader.com, and VR Goldletter.com. His technical expertise is in stock and futures selection, short and mid-term trading, and broad market
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Volume Spread Analysis Introduction Trading Live – Part 1

A brief introduction to a live webinar recorded in front of hundreds of traders from around the world where the principles of VSA (volume spread analysis) created by former syndicate trader Tom Williams and explained in detail at www.volumespreadanalysis.com are traded live in the markets by Gavin Holmes, a trader personally trained by Tom now showing traders worldwide the truth about the markets and how to trade them. Tom’s book is available at www.marketmanipulation.com as a downloadable PDF document for immediate access. The book will change your life and your view of the financial markets if you are uninformed!!

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Trading Volume Indicator on Your Day Trading and Swing Trading Charts

How to use a trading volume indicator to create higher probability trades for day trading and swing trading the futures and stock market.

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Stock Market Technical Analysis – PPT Light Volume Float Keeping Market Flat, Key Levels Revealed

InTheMoneyStocks.com breaks out the key technical analysis techniques they have become famous for. They analyze the charts on the market to showcase their technical trend line analysis, price, pattern and time values. By utilizing these methods and not using the common technical tools which almost never work anymore, they are able to call every major and minor market move avoiding Wall Street hype. InTheMoneyStocks.com looks at major support and resistance levels on the charts telling their viewers where the market will rise and fall. They talk about major rules that must be learned. Enjoy and come get their premium daily, month, weekly and intra day expert guidance on the markets, gold, oil, us$ and stocks in their premium nightly videos, daily market reports, pro trader watch list, hidden gems and technical tactics.

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