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Carolyn Boroden – Introduction to Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis

Join Carolyn Boroden, the Fibonacci Queen, as she outlines how you can identify high probability trade setups with defined risk and profit targets using Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis.

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Time to invest in Gold ETFs

India’s gold exchange traded funds are emerging as new investment destination after equities have fallen out of favour with the stock market down nearly 40 per cent so far this year. Exchange traded funds or ETFs make buying easier for the average investor by allowing him to buy in smaller units. That helps improve the liquidity of gold as an asset class. So, while one needs to spend over Rs 13500 for investing in 10 grams of gold, one can by 1 unit of ETF for a tenth of that amount.
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How to watch multiple charts at a time in Amibroker

Watch multiple charts with different timeframes at a time in Amibroker. More detailed analysis at
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