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How to Find Best Stocks For Short Selling Video

If you enjoyed this video, we appreciate your comments, rating, and sharing. Test drive the free stock screener shown in the video at In this swing trading strategy video, we show you how to quickly and easily find the best stocks that meet our strict technical criteria as short selling candidates for swing trading (ie. weak stocks bouncing into resistance, after breaking down below obvious levels of support). For more information about our basic short selling strategy, check out the following blog post
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Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker – How to Short Tops

http:– Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker – StockMarketFunding Review Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker (StockMarketFunding Review). For people considering joining us for the 5 day free trial, watch this live market trading video on (NFLX) as it breakouts to new 52 week highs. Remove the emotion from trading. When you trade against the retail traders with the market maker you are able to take advantage of intraday trading trends. Stock market education on trading like a market maker. Trade Stocks & Options Like a Wall Street Pro. One Learning Experience that will greatly improve your trading. Trade like a market maker each day. How Traders Can Avoid A Market-Maker’s Tricks by utilizing the SMF Pro Trading Platform which has automated -technical analysis- with voice alerts to notify you of overbought and oversold conditions. Live -stock market education- on -how to trade- 52 week high breakouts. Learn stock trading, online trading, swing trading Free Trial Signup http:– Video Alert Signup http:– Follow us on Twitter: http:– Follow us on Facebook: http:– Trading Community (Free to Join) http:–
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20% on RBCAA Tim Alerts Short Stocking Play by Timothy Sykes – Stock Market Investment Newsletter http Timothy Sykes lates short stocking short selling tim alerts winner is RBCAA, Republic Bancorp, Inc. that was found out for Tax Fraud. Tim sent the alert out and it gained over 20% The stock dropped smack into the market close as thousands of loyal Citron subscribers–Andrew’s got a great track record–jumped in short! Well, I know Tim’s timing is usually off, so I held overnight. I just covered at 19.44 for a 20.77% profit after commissions. Thanks Tim! -KT I shorted @ 23.39 and covered at 22.50 near the close. Thanks Tim..!! -MG I got out at .95. Made 0. Thanks Tim -Stussy rode this one to .60 – made 0 on my SMALL position! not bad for 20 minutes -Jeremy In at 23.56, out at 22.49 just before the bell. Not bad. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, Tim. -Akurtz Timothy Sykes Penny Stocking Investment Newsletter TIMalerts is the best short bias short selling stock market wall street investment newsletter on the market! Tim get’s results – No BS – just results
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Stay Short – Ignore any New Buy Signals 20120530

Stay Short, and ignore any new Buy Signals generated on Tuesday. Use yesterday’s highs as your new Line in the Sand. While stocks moved higher on Tuesday, we did not see any money come out of bonds or the USD to confirm any new was starting. And we saw more money come out of commodities. The Risk Off Trade is still the dominant trade. Big reversal for Gold on Tuesday, still looking for a breakout of the recent range. 1593.75 on the upside, and 1531.25 on the downside. -Stock Market Timing Newsletter – Start your trading day off on the right foot, with Stephen Whiteside’s Stock Market Timing Television. This free daily video newsletter focuses on the major Indexes and ETF’s, as well as the US Dollar, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Precious Metals including Gold and Silver.
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