FOREX Training Video | NY Close Session December 18, 2008

We are halfway through our 40 hour FXBootcamp trading/coaching marathon, and what a nice way to kick off the NY close today. Straight away as the session began, we caught a glimpse of a nice triangle formation on the DOW Jones just as most Japanese Yen pairings were sandwiched tightly between support and resistance, looking very heavy. This 3pm-4pm NY time frame is often the source of some very nice stock market volatility, and today did not disappoint. Seeing this setup on the Dow, I pulled up the most correlated Yen pairing with the markets, the Eur/Jpy. Simply put at that time all we needed was a break of the 8600 trendline area on the Dow and we would be very likely to see a nice drop of 100 pips or so on the Eur/Jpy, or any Yen pairing of ones choice. Sure enough, the Dow & S&P led the way, and the Yens followed. In this video we primarily use visual support/resistance, stock market correlation, and Fibonacci retracements to enter into what turned out to be a high quality, fast 85 pip drop straight to support to kick off the session. See you in London! FXBootcamp Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

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Stock Market Close To An Up-Trend Signal: Technical Analysis On Stock Market Trends

Free stock market stuff at . This week we look at a world on the verge of a solid up trend signal. That’s right – despite the general doom and gloom we are close to getting an up trend and we show you where and what to look out for according to ASX Market Watch’s trading rules.

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