Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker – How to Short Tops

http:–www.StockMarketFunding.com Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker – StockMarketFunding Review Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Market Maker (StockMarketFunding Review). For people considering joining us for the 5 day free trial, watch this live market trading video on Netflix.com (NFLX) as it breakouts to new 52 week highs. Remove the emotion from trading. When you trade against the retail traders with the market maker you are able to take advantage of intraday trading trends. Stock market education on trading like a market maker. Trade Stocks & Options Like a Wall Street Pro. One Learning Experience that will greatly improve your trading. Trade like a market maker each day. How Traders Can Avoid A Market-Maker’s Tricks by utilizing the SMF Pro Trading Platform which has automated -technical analysis- with voice alerts to notify you of overbought and oversold conditions. Live -stock market education- on -how to trade- 52 week high breakouts. Learn stock trading, online trading, swing trading Free Trial Signup http:–onlinetradinginvesting.eventbrite.com Video Alert Signup http:–www.stockmarketfunding.com-evideosignup.htm Follow us on Twitter: http:–www.twitter.com-TradingSchool Follow us on Facebook: http:–www.facebook.com-OnlineTradingPlatform Trading Community (Free to Join) http:–www.DailyStockCharts.com
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Drop DOW to save Dollar?

Here’s today’s USDX chart: img16.imageshack.us I think the FOMC/Fed used the equity markets to prop up the dollar today. The timing of the sudden dollar drop, then rise in conjunction with the equities drop seems to support this theory. Also, the news out there is full of doo-doo! A stock market crash is imminent in real number terms but in nominal terms, I’d expect the equity markets to keep increasing.
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Gold Technical Analysis Weekly PinBar Candlestick!

razorsforex.blogspot.com This is a short Gold technical analysis video. Gold has reached support price pivot zone @ 1630. The weekly chart is showing a rejection bar. I have outlined some zones on where to look for good entries into the market.
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Forex Trading made simple Fibonacci Trend line breaks Support and Resistance currency trading

Forex trading made simple. FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP www.forexclassmate.com Easy currency trading using trend line breaks support and resistance and Fibonacci. www.forexclassmate.com

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American Gold Reserve – Buy Gold and Silver Direct From the Mint!.

Buy physical Silver or Gold: investbox.myamericangoldreserve.com or join my newsletter www.investbox.com Old Glory Mint, is launching AMERICAN GOLD RESERVE , which will allow customers to purchase Pure Gold & Silver Bullion at Dealer Pricing. The goal of American Gold Reserve is to take GOLD direct to the public with NO MIDDLE MEN to inflate the prices! Old Glory Mint, a privately owned Refinery in Utah, is launching AMERICAN GOLD RESERVE , a new business which will allow customers to purchase Pure Physical Gold and Silver Bullion direct from the Refinery at Dealer Pricing. Old Glory Mint, is a supplier to the 6 top retailers in the precious metals market such as Kitco. They are debt free and own’s all their assets outright and is vertical. The primary mission of American Gold Reserve is focused on empowering ordinary people with a means OWN and leverage two commodities that everyone wants, Gold and Silver Bullion, at the most affordable price as possible — Direct from the Refinery/Mint!! The American Gold Reserve business model is to bring Pure Physical Gold and Silver bullion products to the masses in at the most affordable price as possible — Direct from the Refinery/Mint. In doing this, American Gold Reserve will be providing people a means by which to Secure a portion of their wealth in the form of something Real and Tangible. With the current economic conditions that exist throughout the world today, it is only normal for us to be concerned that our wealth and our
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