Best Forex Indicator To Use

Find out what is the best forex indicator to use from a professional trader and read more about indicators and strategies at
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Video Example of a Bullish DIvergence Pattern

Visit for more information on Technical Analysis. This is a video example of a Bullish Divergence pattern when using Technical Analysis.

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Candlestick patterns – Bearish Reversal – The bearish harami is a bearish reversal pattern. Look for bearish harami’s at market tops, at resistance in overbought market conditions for the greates success. This bearish reversal pattern can be very high probability if you follow the steps I outline here.
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Forex Tutorial – Trading With Trend Lines

Here: Find out more about how I use, draw and trade with trend lines and more in the forex markets

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Getting Started Trading Stocks & Options with BSI Capital and SMF

Getting Started Trading Stocks & Options with BSI Capital and BSI Capital BSI Capital is a multi-strategy Private Equity Fund. We provide our global traders with market access to US Equities, Equity Options, and ETF’s, allowing them the use of firm capital, proprietary trading software, and live market chat – all while servicing our traders remotely via our Virtual Trading Floor located on the World Wide Web. We believe that with a proper trading plan and a winning drive, the trader will be able to develop the necessary edge and discipline required to succeed in the trading industry. BSI was founded by experienced traders. We are run by traders for traders. Our mission is to enhance the careers of all our members and to help navigate them through these ever changing market conditions. Every trader with BSI is a valued member of our group. We take pride in knowing we provide the utmost support for our traders. Our business is built on honesty and integrity. http StockMarketFunding is the industry leader in “real time” trading education. SMF has a 52 week Trading School and a trading library of 3650 live trading videos on YouTube. Our students learn the inside mechanics of how the stock and option markets really work and how to get wholesale prices. StockMarketFunding provides consulting services to hedge fund managers, institutional and retail investors, traders, and members of the investment community. DAS
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