The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrun by Pokey (1:16:54)

***READ BEFORE WATCHING*** For information about some of the less noticeable tricks done in this run, read this page: NOTE: This video is NOT tool-assisted. It was played in real time on a console. I’ve uploaded it because it’s over 10 minutes long and the author of the run gave me permission to do so. It should not be uploaded without first getting permission from him. — Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Player: Pokey ( ) Finishing time (using SDA timing): 1:16:54 Speedrun type: Single Segment Completed on: May 30th, 2010 Author’s comments: “Thanks to Jiano, Cosmo, ZFG, KlydeStorm, Runnerguy2489, Maxx, SwordlessLink, AKA, RingRush, ZeroGX, Animeowzerz, Manocheese, and probably a lot others that I am forgetting. Special thanks to the SDA team for building such a great site. I have been doing this run for about 7 months now. It started off as a casual run but I started to get more serious. The route changed quite often but for the better. The run turned out really well. I was only a few minutes behind Runnerguy’s Real Time Attack run which skip bombchus, hover boots, and savewarps everywhere which SS cannot do. So to start off the run… The rupee route went pretty well. No mistakes and I got out of the forest really fast. Hyrule Field the first time went better than expected. My angle was very good for the Water ESS. The first half of cucco collecting went pretty good. The manipulation wasn’t perfect but still pretty good

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Time For Option Expiration Manipulation

Next week should be interesting as the market makers whip the bulls and bears around to shake the remain one’s out before option expiration next Friday. (to watch on youtube: Looking at the charts the market is very overbought on the short term, and still doesn’t have any positive divergence on the daily chart with the weekly and monthly still pointing down hard. I just can’t see a typical rally back up like we are used too having. The longer term and stronger charts should put too much downward pressure to allow this market to rally up too far. In the past, there was POMO… and life was good (for the bulls). But now there isn’t! So how far can a short covering rally go without the Fed helping? My guess… a lot shorter then everyone expects! I’m seeing people calling for anywhere between 1260-1300 spx for this major wave 2 up… but I still don’t see this major wave 1 down as complete yet. While I’m not a big follower of Elliottwave, the market does seem to move in 3 wave or 5 wave patterns… not 4. I see the 5 sub-waves of major wave 1 (call them minor waves) starting at 1356 on July 7th, ending on July 18th at 1295. Then 2 up until July 22nd at 1346, with 3 down ending at 1101 on August 9th… which means we should be in wave 4 up right now… not major wave 2. So, while major wave 2 should be a large wave up and possibly retrace 50-61.8% of the entire move down from 1356, I think we need to finish major wave 1 down first. I don’t think it’s finished
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How to Shortsell, Trade Example – Let’s take a look at a trade made during this “TOUGH” market! I shortsell Hewitt Associates – HEW (NYSE) and show you all the details from start to finish. Not bad! over 00 profit in only a couple of weeks. Visit my blog and get my money management calculator FREE.
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55. The Business Cycle and Fiscal Policy – What Traders Know A lesson on the business cycle and how the government uses fiscal policy to try and keep growth going and inflation in check and what this means for traders of the stock, futures, and forex markets. Fiscal policy can be defined for our purposes very simply as anything relating to government spending and taxation. Before looking at the fiscal policy role of government in trying to influence the economy, one must first have an understanding of the business cycle. For a number of reasons which are widely debated the economy goes through repeated periods of growth and contraction over time which can be broken down into the following phases. 1. A Contraction where economic activity and growth slows and can turn negative 2. Trough where the economy stops contracting and a new expansion begins 3. An Expansion or the speeding up of economic growth. 4. A Peak where the growth of the economy maxes out and begins to turn downward We could spend many months going over and debating why this is but for our purposes it is simply important to understand that, while the timing and length of each of these phases has varied widely, the above pattern repeats itself over and over again throughout history. This is important for us as traders to understand as different phases of the business cycle and changes in peoples forecasts of where the economy is in those cycles is arguably the greatest factor which effects the price level of every market. Prior to the great
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How to: Maelstrom Shatter – Is It Worth It? or Just A Bust? World of Warcraft! How to Make Gold w/ Enchanting: DE’ing Broke Basics – Patch 4.3!Please click the subscribe button above as well as thumbs up, favorite, and comment (^_^)v FREE Gold & Leveling Guides: Twitter Facebook: How to: Maelstrom Shatter – Is It Worth It? or Just A Bust? What’s up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here with a tarou quicky vid the new Maelstrom Shatter in Patch 4.3 for Enchanters. For more FREE guides, Subscribe and visit my website at Sup everyone. So, I thought I’d show you a quick vid on Maelstrom Shatter since, I bet you’re wondering if the Maelstrom Shatter is worth it and to be honest, all you need to know is some simple math which I’ll show you later. First, head to the Enchanting trainer and learn Maelstrom Shatter. Then, get some Maelstrom Crystals from the Auction House or do a WTB in trade for a bulk purchase. I went and bought mine off the Auction House Tuesday and Wednesday since those are the days the market will be flooded due to the influx of gear people tend to get on those days. I was able to get 55 which I’ll shatter right now. Each Maelstrom Crystal cost an average of 87 gold each. Not too bad but prices are going to continue to rise on Maelstrom Crystals which means timing will be everything. Weekends and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days you really want to look at and ask to buy in bulk in trade since some guilds will once in awhile look to dump their

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