Veritas Show – Richard Dolan – 2 of 6 – After Disclosure

S ynopsis Richard Dolan talked about his new book, co-authored with Bryce Zabel, After Disclosure, which examines what life will be like after the reality of UFOs is revealed. Despite what has been a fruitless, decades-long fight for answers to the UFO enigma, the authors contended that disclosure is an inevitability. “There’s going to be a time, a day, a moment, an event,” Dolan said, “something in which the ‘powers that be’ are forced to make the decision to disclose.” “When they do decide they have to give it up, because events are spinning out of their own control, they’ll try to manage it, even as it goes public.” Having looked at the various possible scenarios where UFO disclosure becomes such a necessity, they determined that an incontrovertible, mass UFO sighting recorded by modern technology would be the most likely event. Detailing how he thinks they think UFO disclosure would unfold, the authors speculated that the announcement may occur on a Friday afternoon. They theorized that this timing would be used to off-set a potentially catastrophic stock market reaction and to also allow for the general public to use the weekend to digest the stunning news. The duo traced the disclosure announcement from the first day, which they foresee as a time of confusion and potential panic, to the first week, when people would begin asking questions about why and how this news remained secret for so long. This call for accountability, they said, would result in a paradoxical
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Ultima Online Stones

Good memories from a good game. Ultima Online (UO) is a popular graphical massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), released on September 25, 1997, by Origin Systems. It was instrumental to the development of the genre, and is still running today. The game is played online, in a fantasy setting similar to that of the other Ultima games that preceded it. The success of Ultima Online opened the door for the creation of many new massively multiplayer games. Ultima Online is a fantasy role-playing game set in the Ultima universe. It is online-only and played by thousands of simultaneous users (who pay a monthly fee) on various game servers, also known as shards. It is known for its extensive timing-based player versus player combat system. Over a million paid accounts have been created in the game.[citation needed] To maintain order in the online community, there are Game Masters who resolve player disputes, police the shard for terms of service violations, and correct glitches in the game. Several expansions have been released, but its aging game engine and graphics make it outdated compared to competitive, new massively multiplayer games. This changed with the release of Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn in 2007, which features a new game engine. Since Ultima Online’s prime in 2003, the overall subscriber base has seen a steady decline. Subscriber numbers peaked at around 250000 in July of 2003, and to date sit around 135000 subscribers (approximately 70000 of
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X2N/Tone Zone sample Redux

I figured its about time to make a 2nd video in response to my first one which seemed to get some good feedback. I know the sound quality of the first one wasn’t quite up to par, so here it is, the 2nd video with better tone and sound. I didn’t go into any details about the pickups because that was covered in the first one. Gear is: Custom Ibanez RG550/Jem with all Ibanez parts sans the pickups (x2N in Bridge, Tone Zone in Neck) and pickguard. Original Jem77BFP neck (the most comfy neck in the world), RG550L basswood body, no tone knob and 3 way switch. Mesa Boogie TriAxis 2.0 non-phat, running 5 after market GT tubes. TC Electronic G-Major in the loop with some Delay,reverb, Comp and Gate, BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer running around 60% for both the Lo Contour and Process, and a Carvin TS-100 power amp running @ 50 watts one side with EL-34’s. 2 Mesa Thiele 1×12’s both with the legendary EV 200 watt speakers. Volume on the power amp is about 1.5. in case anyones wondering, yes, YouTube’s lovely compression algorithms threw off the sound’s timing. Please Visit:
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Houston Police Using Bait Rims to Catch Thieves

HOUSTON – “It’s a car show lifestyle, it’s a culture.” “In Houston, it’s like a drug you know.” Some call them dubs while others refer to them as rims. Samuel Gonzalez calls it a lifestyle. “I’ve been on rims since they were 17s all the way to 26s as you can see now,” he said. Rolling on rims is a past time that’s not going away any time soon, but sporting the shiny chrome can come with a cost. Thieves are willing to do anything to get a set. “My brother got carjacked at gunpoint, pistol whipped, left in the ditch for a pair of rims,” Gonzalez said. And yet Gonzalez goes out and buys the biggest pair he can find on the market. His rims cost just under 00. But he has some extra protection for his rims’ protection. He carries a .45-caliber pistol. “This is the vehicle I pretty much I love so much that it gets to be like this you have to carry this around. Would you shoot somebody over your rims? I have to play by the law. If I have to I will.” Some are willing to go that far to protect the chrome on their car and that’s why the Houston Police Department is actively going after rim thieves. The HPD Auto Theft Division arrested Luciano and Magdaleno Barron for theft of rims and tires. Investigators said they bit on the bait, but they’re not the only ones according to numbers obtained by FOX 26 News. Over the last 2 years, there have been more than 3000 rims stolen from cars in our city. Sergeant TJ Salazar said that’s why the department has set up bait rims: Wheels left in
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Nissan 300zx TT (Zcars Part 1) Everyday Driver

Nissan 300zx TT (Zcars Part 1) Everyday Driver The Nissan 300ZX (called the Fairlady Z in Japan) is a sports car that was produced by Nissan. It comprises the third and fourth generations of the Z-car line-up, respectively given the chassis designations Z31 and Z32.[1] The 300ZX name followed the numerical convention initiated with the 240Z, put forth by Yutaka Katayama, the one time president of Nissan Motors USA. The “X” was added to the model name by its predecessor signifying “luxury”. The name was used in most markets with the exception of a few including the Japanese home market, there the car like all previous Z cars was sold as a “Fairlady Z”. The best selling 300ZX’s were the Z31s, with over 100000 more sales than the Z32. The Z31 and Z32 feature a 3.0 litre, V6 naturally-aspirated and single (Z31) or twin (Z32) turbocharged engine. Although both motors are from the same VG series and have the same displacement, the output of the Z32’s VG30DE and VG30DETT is greater than the Z31. The VG30DE series also has a double overhead cam and variable valve timing while the older VG30 is a single overhead cam design. The naturally-aspirated Z32 has 222 hp (166 kW) and 198 lb·ft (268 N·m) of torque versus the Z31 with 160-165 hp and 174 lb·ft (236 N·m) of torque. Similarly, the twin-turbo Z32s have 300 hp (220 kW) and 283 lb·ft (384 N·m) torque versus the single turbo Z31, which has 200-205 hp and 227 lb·ft (308 N·m) of torque. The Z32’s twin turbo motor is also intercooled

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