Trading on Betfair & Bet Angel – Letting your profits run

In the stock market you have the old adage of ‘Cut your losses and let your profits run’. This is what we are essentially doing in this video. By entering at a favourable time and letting the profits run to the upside we net £200 or just of £50 fully greened up. We use a right click stop loss to ensure if the position moves against us we cut out for break even.

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7 thoughts on “Trading on Betfair & Bet Angel – Letting your profits run

  1. There are many indicators that help you decide whether you want to stick with a position or let it run. But ultimately a better knowledge of the over all market will highlight situations and markets where that is more likely to occur.

  2. Yes but, surely the market could have plunged instead of jumped the moment you entered… What are the indicators suggesting which way the price will go?..

  3. If you trade you are simply buying and selling liability. When you close your trade you close out for slightly more liability on the traded horse and that effectively spreads your profit across the field. Bet Angel does that calculation for you.

  4. i am really interested in trying out betangel. ive watched pretty much all of your videos but i really cant understand a few things.
    you say here that you gain a £50 profit no matter what horse wins.
    How dose that work if you are only betting on one horse?
    if the awnser is betangel places/lays all bets automatically. how can you be sure that a 200/1 shot will be accepted? catch what i mean? 🙂

  5. htlguitar, you may want to contact support with a copy of your log and / or a screen shot and they will be able to check what you are doing. You will probably find you are not back or laying on the ‘right’ side of the book. You can use things like fill or kill to achieve this also.

  6. There is no guarentee that it will definately stop you out but if you trade in markets that are relatively stable there is no reason why you shouldn’t get stopped out. It’s only in unstable markets that you run this risk. Also if your stake is way above what the market can cope with that could be a problem so make sure your stake is inside the markets average volume. This often runs around £1k per second so that should be enough for most people.

    But if you

  7. Nice! I am using Betangel too and why I can’t put a bet on “hold” in expect to be filled like you did in the first stake? Thanks in advance!

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