Rob Mitchell Debunking MACD “indicator” Eminiforecasteruses what is called G-Lines to predict the direction, swings, pivot points, highs and lows of the stock market one week in advance. We post our forecasts every Sunday so you can get prepared for the week ahead. Swing Trading is the name of the game, whether you are trading SP500 Emini Futures, DOW, Nasdaq or SPY (spiders) you will benefit from our weekly forecasts.
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3 thoughts on “Rob Mitchell Debunking MACD “indicator”

  1. (4:45) The bearish crossover on the 26/12/9 MACD means that the price action is decelerating and that you have +/- 26 periods before the top. It can be a useful timing indicator as an early warning of an impending top.

  2. (4:30) the market and the indicator are not “inverted”. MACD is a signal of momentum (acceleration of price action), not the direction of price action. The bearish crossover below the signal line means that the price action is decelerating, not that it is supposed to falling.

  3. Rob,

    Your “debunking” of the MACD is flawed.
    When you showed the “test” system, you did not
    state what the account started with and you completely ignored the fact that according to
    what appears to be an accumulative total, the “system” was profitable or at least most trades showed a profit. When you go from a negative 42,000 to negative 40,000, that is a profit of 2,000. That is a movement in a positive direction. If you don’t see this, than you shouldn’t be giving trading advice.

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