(SSS) Hammer Fiona irukul solo + break off [17:16]

0 hits taken 😀 I knew i could do break off if i brought spears, and so i did in this video, and also! i did video a break off with High Definition but that took over 9 hours to upload and it even FAILED on converting in the end. So here i made a bad quality one, sorry guys. Vindictus EU. (The set i have used in this video has 0 strength and very little will stats so it does not increase my damage or hp neither does it do any good for my defence but. i don’t need any of these.) Weapon: +9 Chiulin Long Hammer Defence: 3641 Attack: 10336 stamina: 139 Attack speed: 21 Break Off : [16:17] by spear Music: 00:00-02:23 Three wheels Turning / Alexander “Siren” Brandon 02:24-05:24 Go Down / Alexander “Siren” Brandon 05:25-11:16 Super Fist / Alexander “Siren” Brandon 11:17-19:11 Skyward Fire / Michiel “MCA” Van Den Bos (These are all songs of UT99 the FPS Game) (The timing on this video length is long due to irukul not wanting to break his tusks.)

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