Part2-Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed

A time frame is given for the mass arrests by Drakes’ sources but Ben Fulford see’s a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggle to maintain power while good forces continue to put pressure on them… Part 2 of our story about the people of America standing up to the cabal members and freeing themselves is still on going currently. Part 1 is here: Right now arrests are being made in the background but main stream media isn’t covering it. But before we go there, let’s cover a little more of our history and brings us up to the present. Quickly here, about 6000 years ago a group of aliens called “Reptilian” came to earth (from the heavens, as referred to in the bible) and enslaved mankind. There are drawings all over world showing these green reptilian looking people in what appears to be a spacesuit, with pictures in the background showing spaceships… and yes, I’ll be covering today and what Drake has said recently. But let’s cover a little history first. These reptilians did ritual sacrifices raping, killing, drinking their blooding, and eating children. This has been going on all the way up today. Only they use technology to shapeshift and hide their slanted eyes with holograms so they can walk among us. They are the leaders in all the major countries of the world. They are the Bush family, Clinton family, Rothchilds, Vanderbuilts, Warburgs, The Queen, The Pope, Henry Kissenger, George Soro’s, Warren Buffet, The Rockefellers, The JP Morgan’s
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27 thoughts on “Part2-Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed

  1. RedDragonLeo is a very smart person. He is absolutely correct in saying that the Reptilians have enslaved us.

    I would also like to add that there are also a lot of good aliens that want to help earth and her inhabitants. But we MUST ask for their help, in order for them to help us. Due to various laws of the universe.

    So what I have done and think other people should do, is everyday send out your prayers to the good aliens to directly interfere and help us destroy the Illuminati Cabal.

  2. Well it is now july 12th 2012 and i need to see this in action, I am hurting to see this come true.!

  3. I’m having my doubts right now Elizabeth, as there is still a lack of real proof. I remain hopeful, but not sure.

  4. China did not loan their gold to the US after WW2. The US was holding it for safety to prevent Japan from stealing it as they had done in the past. The US gave China interest bearing treasurey bonds as receipt. The bonds have reached maturity and now the US claims the bonds were fake because we are unable to pay, and we claim their gold was destroyed at ground zero on 9-11. It ain’t rocket science folks!

  5. David Wilcock will be in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on May 11 and 12, 2012!
    More info on PURITYEVENTS.NL

  6. Where will the arrests take place and by whom? The elite will not arrest themselves. If a miracle occurs and they are cornered then it’s WW3… any questions? Smokin the hopium?

  7. Sorry, the green people are the funeral people. The dead. Not the reptilian. This is the color chosen to show the dead in the hieroglyphics. They did not run out of tan ink! Are you kidding me! Run out of paint!! See how the green people are also wrapped in white? White is our black in our western traditions. Funeral white, not black.


  8. Anything is possible, including reptilians. Just cause u didn’t see it confirmed by CNN doesn’t make it complete nonsense. Look at how freaking strange surface reality is: The choice of the most toxic energy solutions over suppressed clean energy technology alone makes me think that mad flying blue genies from pluto could be controlling our authorities.

  9. dude if you actually believe that ‘reptilian’ shit, (kinda like how simpletons cling to the bible) you are just an idiot…period. lol please dont spout nonsense trying to marginalize otherwise hopeful information…just because david icke makes money selling you idiots books about reptile aliens, hes laughing about how you are dumb as fuck.

  10. dont believe it its not happening fullford is the bigest lying peice of shit and i guarantee if you listen to all hist shit starting from 2007-2008 u will realize undeniably that he is mis;eading us big time! the game is to make us think help is on the wa..keep us complacent…then when we see the army rollin through well say yea liberate like iraq woo fulford is god….then they punch u in the face rape your wife kill your kids and haul u off to a camp……this cantt be stopped.

  11. fullford is a lyin peice of shit and u seriously believe hillbillly drake you uys r dumb u musta voted for obama.. if these uys thouht for 1 second the i was up theyy would be oin for broke….but you stupid trolls cant understand the implications. we are proud when we save for a car right?? these doods have been saving for the planet they killed millions and they will go for broke! they have nothing to lose!!!

  12. ANY heavy-dense? Because which new world order is it gunna be? This present system has to make way for the new world system for both scenarios (great or terrible) to occur. We have no way of knowing do we? Who are these ‘good’ or ‘bad ‘ people who are waiting in the wings to take over? No referendum? We don’t know who these people are! They say secrecy “for their own safety” because we aren’t involved are we? CRIBS and these arrests would also suit both parties wouldn’t they?

  13. [but reptilians?? seriously.]

    Yes seriously the Reptilians rule the Illuminati, you really need to do your homework! Research Alex Collier, Annuaki watch the Ancient Aliens series on the History channel; they are trying to wake u up to the mass extraterrestrial presence on Earth & throughout the solar system.

  14. The article says the President Obama is a sheep in wolves clothing and he’s working for the good guys. A lot of people are saying that but if they know that don’t you think that the so called bad guys know it too. How can they be in charge of the world for all this time and be that stupid?

  15. ive read all about this.
    but reptilians?? seriously.
    anyway i hope all these cabal members go down,,
    this sick twisted cabal needs to be ended sooner rather than later.
    thanks for the vid.

  16. It’s a new mic and I can’t figure out what’s causing the problem? The other mic is the one built into the camera and it records fine, but it picks up background noise. So, I bought this new mic trying to fix the problem but instead I have a different problem with it… cracks and pops! I can’t win for losing… LOL!

    As for the King Wen and Franklin charts, I’ve never heard of them? But, that’s very interesting that they line up with the same date. Email me more info on them if you can?

  17. There’s something wrong with your mic. The King Wen and Franklin charts intersect on May 2. That’s amazing. Did you know that before making the prediction? June 2 is another date to look out for. Franklin peaks on that date and they all start to converge on the zero point from then on out. Timewave zero has proven itself to me and this is cause for excitement.

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