Stock Market 2011 Market Recap & 2012 Market Commentary Stock Market 2011 Market Recap & 2012 Market Commentary. Happy New Year 2012! We hope you’ve enjoyed the thousands of trading videos we’ve put out for you in 2011. The subscribers of our channel were able to capitalize on many great opportunities. From our SMF…
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9 thoughts on “Stock Market 2011 Market Recap & 2012 Market Commentary

  1. Thanks for tuning in to our trading videos, make sure you watch our recent analysis Stock Market Trends 2012 QE3 Short Interest & Upside Volatility watch?v=lHWYie3Kk1o

  2. Sincerely Mario…and all at SMF….

    I have seen just about every one of your videos this year, they are always worth seeing.

    Good wishes for 2012… it’ll be…exciting.

  3. it was a great year Chirs, thanks for watching 2012 will be a lot of fun…expect some volatility and wicked rides on the weekly expiration cycles! Good luck on your videos and keep up the drive and passion!

  4. thanks for tuning in and enjoying the analysis for 2011! It was a great year with some excellent calls on tops & bottoms…we hope to bring you more of the same in 2012. Thanks for all the comments and support, have a happy new year Streeser!

  5. Thanks for all Your great videos in 2011, cant wait for the market to open.. Happy New Year to You Mario ! and to all the MMTs . Jan.

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