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8 thoughts on “11/24/07 WEEKEND WEBINAR

  1. manexmachina,
    On a daily bar chart I am referring to the 200 day moving average. If you apply it to a smaller time frame then it is considered the 200 bar moving average.


  2. Just to clarify are you talking about a 200 day moving average or a 200 bar moving average? I’m guessing you mean day – but often people say day when it’s a bar.

  3. My pleasure blade61920. Drop by the OMNI Trading Academy any day and say hello. We have open trade live chat rooms where a large community of traders from around the world come and share trading techniques and more.
    come to: livewithoscar com
    Enjoy your stay,


  4. Matt,
    Thank you for noticing. I do my best to try to offer my OMNIACS insightful, useful techniques without all the hoopla which usually accompanies such information. I hope this helps you and all the other traders who come to my OMNI Trading Academy every day successfully navigate through these rough and tumble markets.
    Hat’s off to you for staying with my videos,


  5. This is proof that one guy can be more informative and helpful than an entire network full of people at CNBC and the laughable FOX Business Channel.The difference between Oscar and the talking heads is that Oscar actually is a trader..makes me sick all of these damn fake people running around…Hats off to Oscar…

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