Ability Delay & Avatar Responsiveness (SW:TOR – WoW)

Ability Delay and Avatar Responsiveness Comparing SW:TOR and WoW in this category as WoW is the market leader as well as the MMO that has nailed “Gameplay” the absolute best. This video is not about fanboy’ism of WoW or SW:TOR (or any other game). It is to advocate improvements in gameplay in TOR. Original Threadline/Discussion Here: www.swtor.com ArenaNet’s Analysis and Solution for Guild Wars 2 Here (Combat Timing and Fine Tuning): www.arena.net A Great Forum Post on Rift Forums on this Here: forums.riftgame.com Thank You to the thousands of people who have supported this issue and pushed Bioware to respond and resolve/improve on this aspect. The threadline has gained over 800 Pages, 8000 Replies and over 400000 views within 3 weeks since creation. This is a serious issue for MMO Development as a whole… PS: Please excuse my voice as I have a flu during the recording session ­čÖé Music Used: Two Steps from Hell – Moving Mountains Two Steps from Hell – Spirit of Champions Two Steps from Hell – To Glory Two Steps from Hell – Dragon Rider Two Steps from Hell – Heart of Courage Two Steps from Hell – Protectors of Earth Two Steps from Hell – Flameheart Two Steps from Hell – Fire Nation Two Steps from Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men Two Steps from Hell – Undefeated Two Steps from Hell – United We Stand, Divided We Fall Two Steps from Hell – Never Forget Two Steps from Hell – Undying Love
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25 thoughts on “Ability Delay & Avatar Responsiveness (SW:TOR – WoW)

  1. The reason why I never really played Lineage 2 again after playing WoW was because WoW’s controls were a lot better.
    I think more developers should realize that controls should be as smooth as possible since they are the core of any game.. a game can look breathtaking, sound amazing, be unique, all those stuff – but if the controls are bad,´╗┐ the game suffers TERRIBLY.

  2. great job man,´╗┐ you are actually helping Bioware more than all the ppl who say there’s no problem with the game

  3. You do realize that this guy has a point right? I mean he doesn’t say things that aren’t happening is´╗┐ he?

  4. I think this video addresses´╗┐ the issue better.

    This bug appeared in wow because the action and animation are correctly separated.

  5. I can’t hear a fucking thing you’re saying. Why did you put´╗┐ music to this when you’re talking so quiet?

  6. go back to wow you wow fan boy. swtor is better but you cant give up the characters youve invested your loser´╗┐ life into on wow.

  7. Did you have a sock´╗┐ in your mouth when you recorded this? Can’t hear a word you’re saying.

  8. Very, very good video. Having played both games myself, and currently playing the old republic, I really can’t agree more. The ability animations, and sequences need to be just as good as WoW’s. There’s really no excuse for a game of this magnitude(tor) that it´╗┐ should have this kind of delay throughout. It’s the main problem I face playing a Jedi Sentinel. It got better with the last minor patch, but some abilities, especially force sweep, do not fire when pressed right away. Very annoying.

  9. Yes they were significantly improved with 1.1.0b. However, issues still persist and are noticeable. I think, to what degree it has been improved depends on your tolerance for imperfection and flaws, some actually believe it to be 100% fixed while others still notice glaring issues. My personal belief is that´╗┐ it went from unplayable to enjoyable though still far from “WoW Standard”. For me it is most noticeable on channeled casts still as well as tight rotations.

  10. Okay, thanks. Were´╗┐ all of these “lags/delays” fixed(not just movement and ability lag), or at least somewhat lessened, with 1.1.0b?

  11. Okay, thanks. Were all of these´╗┐ “lags/delays” fixed(not just movement and ability lag), or at least somewhat lessened, with 1.1.0b?

  12. Okay, thanks. Were all of these “lags/delays” fixed(not just movement and ability lag), or at least´╗┐ somewhat lessened, with 1.1.0b?

  13. Okay, thanks. Were all of these “lags/delays” fixed(not just movement and ability´╗┐ lag), or at least somewhat lessened, with 1.1.0b?

  14. There are issues with Camera Movement as´╗┐ well as Targetting but this specifically focuses on actual “Avatar Control” as in Movement/Abilities etc.

  15. Do you have input´╗┐ delay/lag to character and camera movement, or just with abilities?

  16. Would it be a reasonable request if you were to cut this down and redo the audio, I couldn’t understand´╗┐ anything! ­čÖü

  17. I left Wow almost 2 years ago cause I didn’t like the direction the game was going. I play Swotor now and I have´╗┐ to admit, Bioware is far behind Blizzard in gameplay.

  18. Kudos to you for making this video (and the forum work). It shows exactly what is my concern in SWTOR atm. The game it self is just pure awesomeness, the features / content is just perfect for a game this young, but the responsiveness of the game is just so bad that I can not continue to play it in long term if these issues are not resolved. I read some admins post on the official forums that there’s a fix on the current Test realm and I’m´╗┐ downloading the client as we speak, fingers crossed!

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