Live Forex Trade Session – Jun 16, 2011

QUESTIONS: INFORMATION and FREE LIVE SESSIONS: Our online room is accessible 24 hours a day with moderators who cover the major sessions. Team leaders help navigate the forex markets, discussing and working with you on setups, strategies, discipline and trade management. Additionally, we conduct training classes and provide an ongoing education program (live and recorded). This gives you the ability to communicate and work with like-minded traders, while learning and benefiting from a successful community. We work with new and experienced traders, building a solid trading foundation to grow upon long term Foundational Training Lessons teach trading fundamentals and various aspects of trading with class modules that cover the market events, understanding stages and transitions, support and resistance, fibonacci, trading formations, entering and exiting trades, trading psychology, self confidence, risk behaviour, trade management, trading insurance, consistency, and overcoming slumps. The program helps you identify your weaknesses and how to modify your behavior for improvement long term. Traders First Training Classes focus on specific strategies designed to take advantage of the pure price and noise free charting environment the TradingFX Charts create, with simple to follow rules for both scalp and swing trading methodologies. Plus we trade these exact strategies together on a daily basis in the trade room with active trades and
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