Stock Market Forecast For Week Of February 21 2011 (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT) I’ve been right in my weekly forecast videos and podcasts for the last 13 weeks. That’s what I don’t get about people who idolize someone like Peter Schiff. I hear things like, “He was right back in 2005 about the housing bubble popping.” Thousands of traders, myself included, predicted the popping of the housing bubble earlier than Peter Schiff. But that aside, if you are a stock trading master, you are right on a daily and weekly basis else you would get knocked out of the market.
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One thought on “Stock Market Forecast For Week Of February 21 2011

  1. @doomz78 Actually, the gods were the aliens who came to Earth to mine gold and genetically created human gold mining slaves by combining ape DNA with their own alien DNA. Peter Schiff is a direct descendant from those original human gold mining slaves. Keep up man.

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