Gold & Silver 2012 the End?…Will they fall to $0.00? by connectingdots1

silver Gold connectingdots1 bullion coins Fiat collapse USD “Max Keiser Bob chapman Mike Maloney connectingdots2 connectingdots3 2012 UFO Peace Love Proof LAPD77’s Economic Crash Warning 3-22-08 Was the TRUTH On March 22,2008 a post by LAPD77 here on forum that his uncle ( an officer in the US Army ) had called to warning him to prepare for ” He told me that there is an actual plan as to when the economy will completely crash. As of right now he said it will happen in the middle of sept of this year. ” . Below the reader will find corroboration that the attempt was made the middle of September 2008 to ” Crash ” the US Economy. So, according to Kanjorski the Institutional Money Market Traders began an ” Electronic ” Run on the banks which reached 550 Billion dollars in just an hour or two. The Treasury pumped 105 Billion into the market which Failed to stem the ” Panic ” so the closed the Money Market accounts down. ” The Treasury estimated that if they had not closed the money Market accounts that by 2 pm that afternoon 5 1/2 Trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the Money Market system of the United States, would have Collapsed the entire Economy of the United States and within 24 hours the World economy would have collapsed. ” . If the treasury had not taken the actions they did ” … it would have been the end of our economic system and our political system as we know it. ” . LAPD’s uncle warning was accurate and truthful as to the details and
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13 thoughts on “Gold & Silver 2012 the End?…Will they fall to $0.00? by connectingdots1

  1. paper money Never lasted as long as a WOODEN STICK, no joke guys King Henry the 8th created his TALLY STICK to stop bankers taking over the economy of Engand Brilliant idea that lasted longer than ANY crap paper money bankers print how can ANY bits of paper printed by private bankers be worth as much as even a piece of stick when its Backed by the king of England? i’ll take the King’s TALLY STICK anyday its all in
    THE MONEY MASTERS may he rest in Peace lets have the TALLY STICK BACK,

  2. uk state owned. ins. Hc(holding co’) many banks under it(trading styles of) if that hap. it would be QE4 and 5 and 6. gerald celente knows what’s going down. and a youtuber by the name of CoryCTV.

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  4. I’d like to see $18 again. Maybe i’ll give Bob Diamond a call…see if he can sort it for us!

  5. RBS will announce unpaid loans of 4x the UK GDP next week.
    That’s one BIG domino!!

  6. I saw a video wish Jim Rogers and he is predicting a market correction in the not too distant future on gold and silver. Not saying don’t buy, but could go down a bit more. I know he is waiting a little longer on gold at least. Good video by the way.

  7. Keep up the good work spreading the word! The last great depression killed 9 million americans due to famine. This depression will be 10 fold that. Most americans have ADD and no matter if they know gold and silver are the money 95% of the wealth will be claimed from the masses. Be safe

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