Stay Short – Stock Market Trading Newsletter – 20120517

1 video for both markets this morning. This morning’s presentation is more of a tutorial than my regular daily market presentation. No major changes on Wednesday, so we remain short the market, long bonds, the USD and Natural Gas. Daily FreeStock Market Timing Newsletter – Start your trading day off on the right foot, with Stephen Whiteside’s Stock Market Timing Television. This free daily video newsletter focuses on the major Indexes and ETF’s, as well as the US Dollar, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Precious Metals including Gold and Silver.
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2 thoughts on “Stay Short – Stock Market Trading Newsletter – 20120517

  1. I wanted to thank you for the information you provide daily. You calls and market direction have always been spot on. I cover most of my shorts today and a lot of my targets were hit today. Will be on the sidelines until I see a multi day bounce in the market to re short again.

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