Labor Market Policies and Data Analysis

Department of Labor Chief Economist Dr. Adriana Kugler delivers a presentation titled “Labor Market Policies and Data Analysis.”
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4 thoughts on “Labor Market Policies and Data Analysis

  1. O.K Krugler can you put up a chart on how DOL can violate American workers rights?
    DOL keeps removing my comments fom the U.S Department of labors “Work in Progress” blog comment section and i follow DOL comment guidelines,talked to DOL Office of public affairs who assisted me in making sure i was within guidelines but still DOL is removing my comments.I’M an American,military dad,tax payer,voter so is this not good enough for DOL?

  2. O.K Kugler i’m half way through you speech above and you stating that the unemployment rate is 8.2% down from 10% but what you don’t mention are the millions of drop outs from the work force.So your claiming there are now 3.7 workers per job.So Kugler you keep saying we need to look at the data but i keep asking my wife to look at my back to make sure no one wrote jerkoff across it in case they think i beleive what your stating here Kluger!
    Can  Americans get some serious answers here Kluger?

  3. If she is not an American then how much of our tax dollars were paid to her for this useless information above in the video?
    Millions unemployed,losing homes including me and we have this Kugler who i can hardley understand if not for the subtitles talking for the U.S Department of labor? A’m i missing something here?
    Hey Solis are you involved with this video above?

  4. Can you shed some light on the policy of OSHA’s whistleblower protection program maybe showing a graf of how much an employer would need to buy there way out of a whistleblower complaint?
    That would be really useful informational graf where it could show the amount of evidence,documentation,witneses,that the employer is up against then calculate how much that is needed for the payoff
    Not these Kugler crap grafs that just put a false positive spin on our job crissis
    Is Dr Kugler even an American?

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