Stocks to Trade for Week of Jan 16th 2012 and How to Trade Different Time Frames On Friday, the S&P ratings agency downgraded France and 8 other European countries. This had been hinted at over the last month so, I am on the side of just seeing a small reaction Tuesday morning in the market due to this expected news. The markets had been warned of potential downgrades in December and rumors had been flying the last few day on the exact timing. I would look for a small pullback early Tuesday and would not be surprised if we actually gapped up in the futures Tuesday morning. With this behind us This weeks watch list is definitely the best of the year. There are 2 “Kick Ass Trades of the Week” for this week and would like to continue the success from last weeks pick (DD). Again, I want to stress the importance of timing in this market, only taking the trade that comes to you. Each trade should be planned out and executed with a profit exit plan and exit plan if the trade does not work out. Please pay attention to the VALE chart description on this weeks watch list as it goes over in better detail the time layering indicator, and how important it is to wait for the trade to set up. You can View Watch List video here with Kick Ass trades of the Week http

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10 thoughts on “Stocks to Trade for Week of Jan 16th 2012 and How to Trade Different Time Frames

  1. Great video, markets have been wild lately! Come check out our trading videos on the recent moves and earnings analysis

  2. What’s all the clicking? It’s annoying.
    Great presentation though.

  3. great video rockstar, very informative, thank you, but next time, can you turn off the clicks on your software? its a little distracting.

  4. I wonder what you think about the $aapl stock, up or down this week? I noticed an overbought in the RSI and Stochastics but people still tell me it’s going to go up. It doesn’t make any sense imho. I wanted to know your opinion.
    And I like the video but the clicking sound is really bothering me 🙁 sorry.

  5. Im always amazed that you can take the time to upload these vids..I day trade in the UK,, I read with interest the article about S&P D/GRADING in the f/t this weekend,,I think the next couple of weeks could be incredibly interesting for day traders world have my upmost respect (re) your vids,,I will watch with interest over the coming months,,Wishing you some great trades in 2012,,kind regards from England

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