I Survived Real Estate 2008 – Part 4

I Survived Real Estate 2008 – Part 4 picks up again with Christopher Thornberg continuing. Christopher talks about the tax rebate and how it didnt increase spending enough. He says the consumers are dealing with two bubbles. Savings rates have gone from 8% to 0% and that a great amount of net wealth disappear. Consumers will be forced to save for the first time and will also be bad for the short run. With contraction in spending, it means a slow down in retail and other consumer-driven sectors. Cocktail statement: Keep youre eye on 2010. Bruce introduces Rick Sharga who is the VP of marketing for RealtyTrac. Rick talks about foreclosures and the implication of the current glut on the market. Rick talks about the media obsession with foreclosures and the huge interest in foreclosure data. Special thanks to the following partners and sponsors without whom the event would not have been possible: Platinum Sponsors: The San Diego Creative Investors Association (SDCIA): www.sdcia.com Investors Workshops: www.investorsworkshops.com Frye / Wiles: www.fryewiles.com Proxibid: www.proxibid.com White House Catering: www.whcatering.com MVT Productions: www.mvtpro.com Pechanga Resort and Casino: pechanga.com The Denver Nuggets: www.nba.com The Chicago Bulls: www.nba.com The Cleveland Cavaliers: www.nba.com Gold Sponsors: 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score and Philip X. Tirone- www.7stepsto720.com Chicago Title – www.ctic.com Elite Auctions – www.sellwithauction.com RealtyTrac – www

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