James McShirley talks with James Turk

Subscribe to our newsletter at www.goldmoney.com James McShirley, President of the Allied Building Center, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about gold price manipulation and the statistically significant caps on daily gold price rises. These caps seem to apply regardless of fundamental, technical or news driven factors. They see this as a clear sign of market intervention and as evidence that GATA’s thesis on gold market manipulation is correct. They also point to exceptions to these rules as red flags, marking the end of the gold price suppression scheme. This interview was recorded on August 6 2011 in London.
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11 thoughts on “James McShirley talks with James Turk

  1. I don’t have to, GATA has done a fine job of it and the whistle blowers who have come forward in real time to showcase the manipulations are enough for reasonable people who don’t work for the banks doing the manipulations.

  2. @500ounces It would and it did rise above 2%, on many occasions. What I say is that LBMA data shows an UP bias, not DOWN so it follows that any manipulation is very unlikely.
    Your argument is, because gold rises less than X%, than it must be manipulated because if it wasn’t than it would rise by (X+Y)%. You arbitrarily chose X=2% and Y>0%.
    I say, why not X=10% and Y>0%? If gold does not rise more than 10% does it mean it’s manipulated? NO, and it doesn’t when it’s 2%. Math and logic, simple.

  3. OK, I would like to research this data. Can you point me to this freely available source? You can send me a private message as YT blocks links.
    If I’m wrong I’ll admit that, I have no problem with it.
    If I’ll prove you wrong I’d expect the same from you.

  4. You are confusing several issues. First of all my data is based on the Comex, not LBMA. Second the issue is price capping at certain percentages during the Comex trading day, which is entirely different than simple up or down price moves on a closing basis. This data is freely available for anybody who wants to exhaustively research it like I have. However, after 30 years trading lumber, and later gold, I am confident as to its accuracy.

  5. Why do you attack my person? Attack my claim if you dare.
    The LBMA price data is public, everyone can verify what McShirley says. I did and it’s BS.
    Can you prove what you claim? I can.

  6. Sometimes I hope that rather than there being a group of humans (well semi-humans based on their greedy behavior) that there is a giant rogue planet hurtling towards us like the nuts keep insisting. Then, like in the movie “The Core” the govt. is actually manipulating everything to keep normalcy while scientists desperately try to save us all. Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be nicer than there being a horrible atavistic group who want to take the earth back to warlords & the rest of us serfs

  7. Either you are incredibly naive, just plain stupid or perhaps you are paid by those who manipulate to try to keep people from knowing the truth.

  8. No, there is no such rule. The data don’t support what he says. I’m willing to bet my gold against his analysis. Mr McShirley, show your data and your analysis for public verification, please.
    BTW, I’ve done the analysis for silver too and there is no signs of manipulations either.

  9. I’ve been reading McShirley’s articles for the past 5 years. This guy has been dead on so many times.

    He’s completely right on the 1%, 2% rule. The manipulation has capped how much gold can rise in a given day, meaning it should be going up more quickly.

  10. The 1%, 2% rule is complete nonsense.
    I rechecked the price data from LBMA’s site and during 2000-2011 there was more days the price was UP than DOWN. In fact if there is any price manipulation it is to the UP side.
    If anybody wants to see the analysis I can send them a link to google docs spreadsheet on PW (YT blocks urls).

  11. Man. This was recorded right before this rule was broken, right?  What timing!

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