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TheRx4Wealth.com “I would like to personally invite you to join the Youngevity crusade to improve the physical and financial health of people throughout the world.” Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND In addition to their physical health, Dr. Wallach understands that there are many people in America who could improve their financial health. He founded Youngevity, the ONLY nutritional company owned and operated by Dr. Joel Wallach, not only to provide people with the best nutritional products in the world, but to provide a solid financial opportunity to those with the burning desire to achieve more in life. What makes Youngevity unique? 10 things that make Us great 1. Products that change lives! Dr. Wallach has taken everything he learned to treat animals as a veterinarian and applied it as a physician for our use, too! Youngevity’s products are based on his 43+ years of research and experience. Give your body the 90 Essential Nutrients that it needs and it can do amazing things! 2. Associate Friendly Where other companies focus on paying dividends to their owners, Youngevity focuses on its associates. The company pays up to 65% back to its associates, with an actual payout at perhaps the highest in the industry — 55-56%! Youngevity actively listens to input from its associates on new products, customer support, and product improvements. 3. Tools, tools, TOOLS! The most effective marketing tools of all time have been Dr. Wallach’s audiocassettes. These enable you to share the same

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15 thoughts on “What Makes Youngevity Unique

  1. I’m the same way. I never really watched my nutrition, but now I make sure to take all my supplements and vitamins, even the fish oil.

  2. No I’ve never tried P90X I don’t think I could hang. I took nutrition in college from a gal who just recovered from an eating disorder who knew a great deal about nutrition…who you can imagine was very meticulous and required us to be also and I STILL ignored taking all the ESSENTAL nutrients daily. No wonder I’m sick!

  3. I need to take more of that whey protein stuff. I just don’t like the taste of the kind I bought. Did you ever try the P90X program? You do all sorts of things in there, like weight lifting, yoga, cardio, and Kenpo which is like a taebo video. lol I wish I would’ve listened more in health class and the nutrition part when I was in high school. Yeah, there’s no way I’d spend that much money for Shakeology. And that’s just one cup a day… for $140 for one month!

  4. I would have never guessed he’s 73, ever. Did you ever hear of the pharmacist Ben Fuchs, with Youngevity? He did an awesome presentation on nutrition (watch?v=xlG3HOM9F9Q). He’s in his 50’s, but he looks like he can run a marathon. lol.

  5. I’m a whimp lol I’m doing Fluidity to get my ballerina body back but I have purchased other programs where they offered shakeology. I didn’t buy though so didn’t know the price was that much. Geeze! I chose the wrong career path should’ve taken chemistry and nutrition and made supplements lol. I’ll drink it if it helps me I’ve taken some pretty nasty supplements trying to get well.

  6. Lol that’s funny. Glad it helped your hangover lol. Hmmh, that’s not too shabby if you look at it that way, I used to spend 7 bucks a day on coffee. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I liked Dr. Wallach. He’s 1 sharp guy! My brain is like a pea compared to his, he thinks fast, is very witty & bright eyed like I used to be b4 what I called “aging” started setting in (I’m in my 30’s). Couldn’t believe he’s 73. He looks much younger and has the mind of a teen, a million miles per second!

  7. Oh, I forgot, did you ever see that Shakeology from P90X? That stuff is like $140 per month! It makes the Tangy Tangerine seem dirt cheap. I also forgot to tell you about the taste of Tangy Tangerine. The taste is a little fruity – it’s not bad, but it’s not the best. It’s in between there for me. I gave my mom a cup and she didn’t like it really. Each person is different. I look forward to drinking it each day, but I’m running out. I only have about 1 or 2 days left.

  8. Anytime, you’re welcome 🙂 I haven’t tried any other Youngevity products, but I want to try them because the Tangy Tangerine was great. I realized It’s also a great hangover cure too. I just had a cup and I feel much better. Hopefully the price will go down one day – then I’d have the 2 cups per day, but right now I figure each cup costs about $2. That’s not bad though, since it’s for your health, hey, drink up 🙂

  9. Thanks for getting back with me. That’s lame a lot of reviews on Amazon said the same thing, that if you take the recommended dose it’s gone in days. That doesn’t seem right at all, especially for that price! Are you taking any other of the Yougnevity products? I’m considering buying the produce with all the essentials in it at least, since its a no brainer that we need ALL the essential nutrients daily.Thanks for your input!

  10. I went ahead and bought one 3 weeks ago. It’s pretty good – you get a nice energy boost, and you’re definitely not hungry for several hours. I use it before my P90X workouts. If you make a cup of the stuff, drink it all, and let your cup sit for a while, the cup will smell funny. And it makes your urine a neon yellow color with a tint of green. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I only got about 20 cups (each 3 scoops) out of it. If I drank it twice a day, it would’ve been gone in 10 days.

  11. Yeah I know. I wish I could find more customer reviews on all of the products. I am also always so reluctant about buying products and joining companies etc.

  12. I wish I could find more reviews on Beyond Tangy Tangerine. All I’m finding are reviews on Amazon and maybe a few blogs.

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