R56 Mini Cooper S MCS “Rattling” Engine Noise

This is the video I took of my R56 Mini Cooper S after Mini UK changed the Timing Chain Pre-Tensioner in mid May 2010. This video was taken a week after that, in early June 2010. There’s another video on my page that I took before I sent the car in. Mini said changing the Timing Chain Pre-Tensioner should fix the problem. Clearly, it has not. So, I took this video before I sent the car back to Mini UK a few days ago. This time, they say it’s the Timing Chain itself that’s going to be changed out. I’ll post another video for before and after comparison when I get the car back. Thank god the cost of repair will be borne by Mini UK as the car has still got a few months left on its Approved-Used Mini Warranty. My advice if you’re in the market for an R56 Mini Cooper S, make sure you try it at cold starts. If it sounds even remotely as this ~walk away from it. The rattling and ticking noise is less evident when the engine is properly warmed up.. and the car even drives fine. But you can definitely hear it if you listen carefully. Don’t let the seller distracts you. I made that mistake thinking an Approved-Used Mini must be tip top.. So, I didnt even properly poke around the car when I bought it. Truth is, even Approved-Used these days can be lemons. Be smart about it. You’ll see a growing number of videos on R56 engine noise fault, and the number of hits they get. Mostly from concerned owners. I hope this helps you guys out there. Minis are great and fun car to drive, but make

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8 thoughts on “R56 Mini Cooper S MCS “Rattling” Engine Noise

  1. mine makes exactly same noise, and has had the chain tensioner replaced as under the recall . .. did a new chain cure the problem pls ?

  2. the same as my 01 hyundai accent. worn cam (timing chain).
    need to remove valve cover, replace timing belts and chains and guides,
    seek a qualified mechanic to do this, they should use feeler guages in and around the lifters and guides.
    cost $400 AUD total when I had it done 3 days ago. = rattly diesel noise gone, car drives much better

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