Vindictus – Ambition Guild How To: Slip Dash Lightning AoE and Break Off Thor

We thought the public might be wondering how to dodge Thor’s Lightning AoE as a Sword Lann and break off Thor (as it’s worth a lot on the market!). If you have any questions at all, please comment up, and I will try my best at answering them. Thanks for watching! Apply @ Watch the stream @ Justin.TV/AmbitionVindictus Future: Thor Speed Run, Subscribe! 🙂 Goal: 2 Minutes. Song used: (not mine) Vision Driver – Feint Go support this guy (Feint)! He’s not that known, but has some amazing DnB!
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26 thoughts on “Vindictus – Ambition Guild How To: Slip Dash Lightning AoE and Break Off Thor

  1. Thanks for the video. Hey, anyone reccomdations to get to level 40 faster? Ugh, I hated those levels with my Evie and Lann, but now I have to do them again with Fifi. I know 42-70 means spam hidden, but I like having AP, kthx.

  2. Maybe… but the break-off contributes to about 20m+ made by the guild everyday (Add this up for how long Thor has been out). Easy money for 30 seconds of extra breaking. Also, faster kill for chaining him continuously.

  3. ah yeah thats true lol takes alot longer to go on land n then run back tryin to get up to its face lol…. thats nice slipdash timing btw im sure ill fail lol

  4. Wait, I don’t understand this. You are level 58 and doing the Thor boss? Is there a difference in level requirements on the West and East Server? The reason I am asking because we can only do this boss once a day and the level requirement is level 60 in the East Servers.

  5. So what are you watching in terms of dodging? Are you watching the lighting on the water or the boss himself?

  6. nice ty for showing this i have been trying to figure out a way to spear him but i just got the idea thanks a bunch 😀

  7. When it says AP 20k+ Whats that mean? I might wanna join you guys o.o

  8. well, you are right there! and i think this is a good video for break off 😀

  9. It does! But how are you going to get into position for the chain’ing phase? 🙂

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