How To Solve Honda Idle Problems The viewers have chosen and this weeks video will be about solving Honda idle problems. I’m really not surprised as I get a lot of questions and requests about this very subject. Here are the links I promised in the video that will help you address specific issues mentioned in the video. How To Bleed a Cooling System How to Check for Vacuum Leaks Reading Check Engine Light Codes Diagnosing an Overheat Hopefully when your done checking all that stuff out you will have solved your Honda’s idle problem, if not leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll see what I can do just make sure you have tried all the stuff in the videos first as that saves me from typing so much. I also want to add my “Idle Speech” into the mix here: There are a lot of things that can contribute to an idle issue, in fact in the end it may still be there to some degree because of the nature of that engine however here are some things to start with. First start with a good tune up, use NGK or Nippon Denso plugs, don’t change the wires if they are OE, if they aren’t OE you might consider NGK wires as they are very good and less expensive then OE. A quality cap and rotor should be good. A new air filter also helps. Don’t change the PCV valve, if you see an aftermarket PCV valve in there put a Honda in, believe it or not I’ve seen idle issues caused by aftermarket PCV valves, the OE’s last just about forever so you can

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26 thoughts on “How To Solve Honda Idle Problems

  1. Because the engine computer adjusts the idle based on the engines temperature which it measures via the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor which is plugged into the upper radiator hose. If there is air in the cooling system that air will be hotter than the water and when air pockets pass the sensor it will get erratic readings and confuse the computer.

  2. My 1997 cr-v B202b had rough idle..went through the checks Eric menions. IACV cleaned twice…Turned out thet the problem was the Fast Idle Thermo Valve. It relies on coolant flow to allow it to work. The FITV was completely blocked! Which in effect is like having a manual choke and leaving it on constsntly. Can’t believe what a didfference it has made. :))

  3. Eric, I so appreciate the way you approach auto repair. In this video, you put emphasis on DIAGNOSIS. There are too many ‘mechanics’, not enough technicians. Anyone can pull a part and put in a new one, but without understanding the cause of the failure or malfunction – you’ve failed to remedy the problem. All you’ve done is put a temporary fix into place, or sometimes, cause a new chain reaction of damage to your car.

  4. Hi eric youre the man thank you for your expertise and also for giving your time to help us out thanks eric

    david from england

  5. i have a really bad erratic idle problem with my 89 acura integra ls. with a 1.4 dohc engine auto. i have already replaced quite a few things like, aic valve, o2 sensor, throttle cable, throttle body, coolant and radiator hoses, and thermostat. i just recently bough an ecu to try n see if it would help with the idle, but all effort in vain. PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. my idle shoots up to the 2 mark and it takes awhile to come back down even after warmed up. thanks

  6. does my 98 civic have a fast idle valve? and if so please tell me where it is ERIC

  7. Can you please expand on the explanation why air in the cooling system would/could affect idle performance. Since that is your #1 on the list, it is hard for me to see the causal relationship. Would appreciate more details. Thanks.

  8. i just adjusted the fast idle valve the second valve Eric show on video that help me so good

  9. Stumbled upon this video via a Google search, and immediately yelled to my girlfriend to “come over here and check this guy out! He’s EXACTLY the kind of person that I want to teach about my car issues!”. Great, helpful videos. Thanks a ton, saved me a ton of grief, money, and time. Subscribed.

  10. Well, not knowing much in the first place, I stuck a bread tie in the window relay in the fuse box under the hood. (I know I know stupid!) I really don’t know what I was hoping would happen. But…. Anyways since I did that, now my RPM’s, Speedometer, gas gauge, clock and cruse control won’t work. I have rechecked all the fuses and they are all fine…… What did I do????? Now I am not worried about fixing the windows…. I just want to fix all thats on the dash. :/ Any help would be great.

  11. Ok I finally fixed the idle issue! Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. It was easy to understand Thank you! I do have another issue with my 92 Honda Accord and was going to see if you can help.. All of a sudden my windows stoped working, so I started messing around trying to figure it out.

  12. eric thanks for the video this help me with my 90 accord the idle problem rise up and down i check all till i see this video thank you and i like to stay duty too gracias thank you

  13. my ’98 civc needs its egr valve plate clean, could this be effecting the oil consumption?? one day it will say its full of oil then another day, the dip stick will show im a little bit low?

  14. Send me a pm, I know a lot about H-series and can help you with ur idle problem.

  15. i have a check engine light its a code 45, fuel metering i think for my honda civic 98 how do i repair/fix that please? my car is sputtering bad and i cant fix it, its irritating me

  16. my 92 prelude si (H23) sometimes has an issue where after the car warms up(the idle settles to normal speed) and i drive off then push the clutch the revs fall and the car almost dies. the revs usually fall way down then come back to normal. the problem is that it dies from time to time after i rev it then let off the gas. sometimes its so bad i cannot take my foot off the gas or it will die. and the issue seems to get better and better after it runs for a while (30 min). PLEASE help. Thank you

  17. I had a rough idle whenever I put on an electrical load (high beams) that was driving me crazy since I couldn’t find anything directly related to it. I checked motor mounts, IACV, voltage regulators, considered voltage leaks from plug wires, etc.. I even went so far as to replace the timing belt on my car (which I did thanks to Eric’s excellent vid). The car rough idled sometimes too in reverse. Skip a few months later and my car dies. What fixed that and the rough idle? IGNITION CONTROL MODULE

  18. It worked. Thank you for this information. My FITV has a small leak now. Any suggestions?

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