Timelapse Guide (Compact Digital Cameras – Part 2)

Onward we go to the compact cameras that I’ve found with a built-in interval timer (intervolometer). Please add to the list in the comments! I’m always looking for more compacts that have timers. Sorry that I lingered on the almost impossible to find Epsons but they served some other important points.
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24 thoughts on “Timelapse Guide (Compact Digital Cameras – Part 2)

  1. Sadly its a no go. I found my SD to CF1 adapter and my “special” 4gb fat16 SD cards (for my tapwave zodiac) they actually work. the camera formats them successfully AND it can “PLAY” images from the 4gb sd card but it REFUSES to take a pictures always saying no memory available. I know it can play because I PUT some pics on the card from the PC and when I switch to PLAYBACK the cam reads the images fine. but it will not RECORD a picture to the 4gb car Grrr

  2. I scored 2 3100z’s on ebay YEAH ! big problem. I got them they work GREAT but when I shove my 16gb CF card inside ts to format fails when it at32 compatible. so 2gb is the max MAYBE 4gb if I can find my fat16 4gb sd cards and work them through my CF1 adapter. any suggestions? 2gb just blows thats only 1940 frames or 97 minutes at 5s/frame even 4 gig would stop at just over 3 hours. 6 if I go every 10 seconds. THEY ARE NOT unlimited. they are limited to 24 hours but at 2gb moot

  3. I’m a painter and would like to do some time lapse as I work. Are there any other digital compacts that can do time lapse? I got a HD webcam to do this in the studio, but I also need a solution for when I’m on the field.

  4. Very good info, Im a contractor and have always wanted to time lapse my work. Not only for fun but to show to customer after the job or to prove what was done if it ever comes up.

  5. Nikon Coolpix P2 is an old cheap camera with basic timelapse functionality. I’m going by memory (broke mine just HOURS ago..reason for wich i found this vid btw), it shoots unlimited pics, every 30s, 1m, 15m,30m, 60m….

    On a side note, what cheap camera would go today for doing basic timelapse?

  6. I just found our video via Google -1st page in second spot under: digital camera time lapse. Very informative. Thanks 🙂

  7. My ultra cheap Samsung HB something or other has time lapse. I knew I was going to buy it simply because it had that feature. 1 to 30 second you-adjust time lapse. It’s CMOS sensored 🙁 which washes out the background, when using it normally, but I’m glad I have it. It does 10mp stills. And is compact, light and cheap enough so that I’m not worried mounting it to my bike, for any kind of trip.

  8. Thanks for upload, its answered a lot of questions that shop assistants can’t. As the owner of a GR1s 35mm I know what a great bit of kit they are, but now that I know the digital version does time lapse, I’m sold.

  9. Mobotix IP-CCTV might satisfy my needs, but was thinking of going cheaper.

  10. I am trying to find a camera (compact or DSLR or camcorder) that can do about 4fps to 1fps.
    And it should record continuously into storage card, preferably into a large harddisk, like 1TB, over WIFI would be nice.
    Preferably as an mpeg4 video clip, for every 10 minutes of so.
    But single JPEG frames might be acceptable.
    It would be supplied by a mains to DC adapter.
    The intention is to leave it running unattended for years, and only retrieve after interesting events.

  11. i have a canon ixus 85IS with timelapse feature @ 1 to 2 sec shot intervals. check out my timelapse videos. it is automatically saved as an avi file without having to go through quicktime pro, etc for compositing. thanks for this informative series of yours.

  12. thanks for the legwork, i have been looking for a time lapse camera for years
    i had a pentax that arbitrarilly stopped at 1000 shots, lame.

  13. I also remembered that… :p i have a 5800 and i have made a time-lapse script in python (sadly python just has access to 1280×960 resolutions).
    Now days most of phones have a camera with enough quality for timelapse, so any phone programable with camera API are able to do it.

    Another solution is an inexpensive CHDK compatible camera… CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) allows motion detection, intervalometer, manual controls and other goodies that aren’t usually available.

  14. I love your videos. I wrote a freeware java program for my phone to take time lapse. Depending on the model, it will capture nearly every second for a virtually unlimited number of frames. It only works on newish Sony Ericsson phones. More info and examples on my channel. Nokia n97 has it built in, but 10 sec minimum. I’m sure there are time-lapse apps for the iphone as well. It’s a cheap solution for anyone who has a compatible phone.

  15. Thievery Corporation, “Wires and Watchtowers” on the album “The Cosmic Game”

  16. Thank you, I just wanted to check with the experts before I spent my money.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. Just looked at the R10 manual online.. looks like a winner… Has the 5sec minimum interval (thanks ricoh!). I suppose the gx200 has a little better optics and noise characteristic but if that’s not important to you should rock.

  18. I’m thinking of buying a Ricoh R10 to do time lapse. Is this a good purchase, or would you recommend spending the extra on the GX200?

    I want a camera with a zoom, which kind of rules out the GR series.

    Great video! Thanks for uploading.

  19. I talked about this in part 1… It’s not ‘standard’ but many cameras have that interval length and it’s way too long.

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