First Test – Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo makes a triumphant return to the American market with their drop dead gorgeous 8C Competizione. Join us as we put it to the test for the first time on American soil.
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22 thoughts on “First Test – Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

  1. “Competizione” = compehtishin…. Sounds about right >.>

    And this is why people think Americans are stupid.

  2. Is it pronounced com-peh-tih-zee-own? I’ve never actual heard it said and I don’t know Italian, so….

  3. Dude, chill your pants. Better a Yankee who doesn’t know the difference between Italian and English than a Kiwi who’s willing to resort to deadly violence to teach the Yankee about pronunciation. lol

  4. Agreed, cheaper in bulk. That’s why my taxes pay for mine – no need for my boss or I to buy it…

  5. This guy should not make any car reviews or at least he must learn how to pronouns a car’s name especially when it is an Italian car! It doesn’t matter what the name means (ok if you know it you can mention it) it should be said the way it is originally as it represents the car and how She feels and will make you feel when you taste it 🙂 so believe me there is a HUGE difference between Competizione and Competition! Please do not be RETARD and use the right name of that gorgeous machine!

  6. actually, umm no, you see, it is cheaper to buy insurance for a bunch of people at a time, then all them individually, and no it does not come out of my pay check either, and my wife also gets healthcare from her job, and i could go on hers because her job lets me and if i do my boss actually pays me a extra 400 bucks a month

  7. so it’s not free – it’s part of your remuneration package… you’re being ripped off and you don’t even realise it.

  8. actually my healthcare is free, my job gives benefits and healthcare is one of them.

  9. the reason why you didnt reply to my comment with this is obviously because u know that i am right and i would prove it like every other comment you made towards me so smd

  10. Yeah,’cause the US isn’t owned by Halliburton… so, do you have free healthcare?

  11. Alfa Romeo’s cost to much for shit cars. Lambo’s are better AND cost less

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