Chevy 454 big block

his is my engine 454 gm of my back nine this winter, all I have to change, crank, cams high performance enginetech stage 3, piston speed pro dome (a 10.5 compression 1) carbu edelbrock 750 cfm,chrome holley gaz pump, crank scat balance in montréal at villebrequin universal, pump oil hi volume ,intake edelbrock , the list is very long and very expensive. It is a project of $ 5000 and above I count not my time. But I think that’s worthwhile, before the big engine is die(pétrol very expensive), well at least I’ll have an engine very powerful in at least once in my life before that small bazou as echo, smart and honda civic and other lunch box a kind of dominates the market!

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24 thoughts on “Chevy 454 big block

  1. I have the pistons speed pro H693cp over .030. The block was bored .030 and I had a cam speed pro cs-1224r or enginetech es1224r is like identical

  2. This engine was originally oil pan of 7 or 8 quarts.but able to put this motor in my grand prix, I put down a smaller 5 quarts. an oil resistant to heat is strongly recommended. I put him in the shell 15w40 Rotella for his very good durability against heat.

  3. haha this is exactly what my dad and i are going to do. he just found out one of his buddies has a 454 big block in his garage that he’s gonna buy. then we’re gonna completely rebuild it and drop it in a ’69 Camaro SS.

  4. Both are 750 cfm? Why an Edelbrock 750 carburetor will he worse than a holley 750?

  5. i would put a holley 750 on that big block the hell with those edeljunks you cant get no hp with those at all

  6. the first time he has turned to his running, he consumed 10 liters of gas for a half hour of running.

  7. great job i am putting my land rover 3.9 togeather with 10.5 compression too . nice sound

  8. I want to drop a 454 BBC on my 04 ram 1500 and take out my 5.7 hemi and sell it haha

  9. Thats awsome, I want to stuff a 454 vortec into my 03 Silverado 1500. Thats more money in gas, and tires, but god i love a big block!

  10. shit my fucking neighbors hate me as it is, if i did that shit they’d probably burn my house down!
    that really is nice

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