Nexus One: The Story – Episode 1: Concept & Design

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 1: Concept & Design
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Nexus One: The Story – Episode 1: Concept & Design

  1. I don’t need a hand phone ,an alien has taught me how to use telepathy to communicate with my friends.

  2. This phone was dead on delivery. I was skeptic at 1st & sure enough it was too good to be true. Thank you Google great video! Bad phone!! from day one, & worst deal ever !!, for a phone. A year later I went online and bought and older phone (Blackberry Storm2 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU) which worked way better. Sound quality on N1 was crappy on the video recording. Basically the snap dragon did not prove any better than the previous except for bench marks. Nokia was even better. Never go for a video.

  3. I have a serious problem with my N1 microphone. I can hear clearly but no one can hear me. If someone have some solution for this, please help!

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    thanks Kit.

  6. this is really cool google! thanks for doing this for us! ive always been interested as to how phones are made!

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  8. @ODSTArtilleryClan what if i live the caribbean and i bought the phone unlocked online?

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