Triumph Hardtail – project comes to life for first time

Custom 1972 Triumph Bonneville 750cc. Chopped and hardtailed. This is the first time we brought it to life after the rebuild. Still a ways to go before it’s ‘complete’ but well on the way. Denver, CO.
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19 thoughts on “Triumph Hardtail – project comes to life for first time

  1. im not sure why ppl get so offended over a triumph chop if you look and see how much a stock triumph Bonneville sells for its not like they are bringing high dollars that ppl cant afford. they are every where its not very hard to find a classic triumph from the 60s and 70s its not like they are old flat heads or knuckles even if they where in the same rareness to find. i would chop them up still. i make motor cycles and cars they way i want i build them for my self no body else!!!!!

  2. There is nothing stopping all you dicks out there that say”dont chop trumps!” from buying your own before bitching about someone elses.Dont forget guys like this are casting stock parts off THIER bikes for you crybabies that need them so when your wallet is out to give them cash for stock parts…dont be such douchebags.By the way,nice chop!Build your bike the way YOU want.

  3. Triumph, keep it pure, chop it, whatever you like just RIDE IT!! I’ve got a 2002 100th edition Bonnie, it will stay pure, but you’d better believe i’m looking for an older bonnie to bobb out.

  4. theres alot of bikes that ride low and have a soft tail. the one i have is a suzuki vs1400, three valves per cyclinder 535 lbs. dry weight. its faster than any harley except the vrod. well balanced easy to handle in town. i have yet ridden a bobber that i would want. the triumph was a great design in its day, and can not be improved on by cutting it up as i have a 72′ 650 bonn. i can’t stand buy and watch people do this to a great bike with a great history. theres just not enough of them left.

  5. I like it, sorry, I understand you but the two bikes I have had (1 Thumper, 1 Sportster) have both been “assbusters” (hardtails). I got a bad hip and that low, LOW center of gravity really helped. I don’t ride anymore 🙁 , but every time I dream about it I’m on my rigid Thumper. I wanted something I could hold up at a stop sign, not be historically correct or”vintage”. That light weight rigid Thumper was THE SHIT!! I get ya though.

  6. triumphs are great bikes, you don’t do this to them. if anyone else has a triumph out there, please, don’t do this.

  7. I agree with badskullcrusher! What are you spraying in the carbs?

  8. Nice bike, man! I like the key on the side of the headlight bracket. What are you spraying in the carbs?

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