**Vintage** Lhermite EX380 Hi-Speed Automatic Punch

*NOTE: This video is ‘vintage’ but still contains very helpful info. See newer video also.* The Lhermite EX380 Automatic Punching Machine punches up to one million sheets of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper in just one 8 hour shift. Running at up to 8400 cycles per hour, it is the fastest punch on the market. With a maximum punching width of 15″, the EX380 will punch an incredible variety of holes for Wire-O®, UniCoil®, spiral, VeloBind® or looseleaf document finishing, and has the power to punch virtually any type of stock and material. Punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks. Optional attachment to punch tabs collated into finished sets. Tabs must have a minimum 1/4″ shoulder. For more info visit www.spiralbinding.com Instructional Spiral Binding Company / James Burn USA

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