Big Time Gangsta Hack [ROOT ONLY]

Big Time Gangsta Cred and Money Hack. Enjoy. **Requirements** -Rooted phone. -GameCIH2 (Available @ the Android Market)
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24 thoughts on “Big Time Gangsta Hack [ROOT ONLY]

  1. man i cant find a cheat that works for kindle theres only the time cheat

  2. Get an android and stop bitchin and whining. it aint our fault u decided to buy an inferior product… dirrr dirrr.

  3. Add c.domi i supply help ppl in there hoods or take away there hoods only if u take mine try 2 take mine away

  4. I tried your method but once it gets to the second filter (second press of ! to around 20-40) and after putting in the number input it says 0 found. So I guess it doesn’t work anmore

  5. NOTHING that GameCIH does ever works. GTA III, and this, it never gets it.

  6. I got banned cuz I was lvl 4 with 99999999cash n credits ecru gang member all upgrades. N Weapenz killing lvl 54s LOL ohhwell I have many email accounts

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