427 Chevy Stroker with RPM Intake & AFR Heads 580+ Horsepower

This is one of our newest Small Block Chevy 427 Stroker Crate engine designed for hood clearance issues, such as Camaro’s and Corvette’s.This engine produced incredible low end torque numbers and over 580 horsepower. Build specs, Dart SHP block, 4125 bore, Eagle 4340 4.000 stroke crankshaft, Eagle H beam rods, AFR 210 aluminum cylinder heads, hydraulic roller camshaft, roller rockers, Edelbrock RPM intake and a 750 Speed Demon Carburetor. If your in the market for a Bad A## street engine, give us a call, 800-341-1528. www.cnc-motorsports.com
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18 thoughts on “427 Chevy Stroker with RPM Intake & AFR Heads 580+ Horsepower

  1. I have about the same combo! This sounds great! I’ve seen this combo use a single plain intake that makes a lot of power but the torque is always under 500ft.#!

  2. Yes, a single plane and a larger camshaft will make more power. We designed this package for the corvette’s and camaro’s where hood clearance was an issue.

  3. That’s what the dyno is for, its a tuning device. We adjust timing and fuel curve for best reliable results. Typically most all Small blocks will be 32-38 degrees for total advance timing. Compression ratio, cubic inch and cylinder head type will affect the timing needed for the engine.

  4. You don’t see the Nascar engine builders handing out flyers with their engine specs, do you? Those cams specs represent hundreds of hours of testing. Go buy some generic crate motor if that bothers you that they wont give you the specs.

  5. The cost is $8299.95
    Its an all forged assembly, with a brand new Dart SHP block.

  6. The difference can be 50 horsepower. We spend a lot of time on the dyno developing our engines. As everyone knows the camshaft is a huge part of making that power. This is information we just won’t share.

  7. Sorry, I can’t give out the camshaft specs, but the intake is port matched.

  8. Do you have any information on the camshaft?
    Specs: Dur @ .050″? Lift ?
    I’m guessing just by the sound and output/rpm … 245’ish and .615″ ?
    Also, is the intake ported?… or just port matched?

    Thanks… it sounds real good!


  9. nice ,, i have a set of Childs and Albert steel rods ,, not cap screw , do you think going over 3.8 stroke would cause alot of clearence issues , unless i went with a small base cam ??

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