Saturn SC2 Turbo Concept – Built by Fox Marketing

SEMA 2001 brought us the SC2 Turbo Concept. Brian Fox interview’s Dave Love from Fox Marketing about the SC2 Turbo Concept. This car was the first Saturn even in Super Street Magazine.
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25 thoughts on “Saturn SC2 Turbo Concept – Built by Fox Marketing

  1. The guy doing the interview is a fagget.haha saturn for the win hehe

  2. That is not correct osvst- Saturn was developed from the ground up by people who worked for GM USA. The engines of the original Saturn s series were not Japanese, neither were the chassis. The only Japanese engine that was ever installed in a Saturn was the Honda v-6 used in some of the later Saturn vue SUV’s

  3. Saturn’s are imports. They may be built in the US but all the engineering is Japanese. Chassis, Engine all Japanese

  4. yah saturn is GM dumass !!! it prob sounds like shit too , like those hondas that ARE there…. all i did on mine was disconnect the muffler at the coupler and it sounds half ass decent goin thru the gears on the freeway ( 96 sc2)

  5. My wife drives a 98 SW2. We’ve never had such a reliable, efficient, useful car. I would love to drop a turbo into it.

    Also, did he really say “its all about the imports”?

  6. if anyone is interest in seeing REAL interior work on a satty google search “jegstersl2” he is the one with raised saturn logos on his door panels

  7. i have a full black interior the only thing tan being the seat belts and I primered everything too and dropped the headliner and wrapped it in black cloth all at my house, and at the end of this video I don’t know who is stupider the interviewer or the owner really 293? thats it dude??? thats sorry there are sattys pushing 340 and you spent 6 months for all that? lmfao you are PATHETIC dude I can see why its a concept haha

  8. first off that interviewer needs to be punched in the face who doesn’t a ******* clue about saturns, hey dip **** there are loads of saturns with front mount intercoolers its not that big of a deal, oooooo look at the interior which is no big deal yeah you have a fully carbon fiber dash big whoop I don’t see your door panels with cloth and raised saturn logos or anything and you sent it away to have the interior done? wow i could have done the same thing for you..

  9. I got to drive this car to Columbus in 2004. you can go to foxmarketing’s site, it was built in 2004. It looked so much better after they finished it, not in this video. Twistec was right next door to my house and Jeff let me go down to Columbus with it. I have no idea where it is now, but it was so much fun to drive, except over any bumps or ramps. The host is Brian Fox, owner of Fox Marketing.

  10. why would you swap engine even if you would have better horsepower i think it would be better if you would keep the engine that came with e car and change piece by piece and it would have more horse power and better control

  11. you do realize that hp isnt everything and weight plays a HUGE factor how about you learn something about cars i know someone that turbocharged their sc2 and it does an 11.5 second quarter mile thats .2 seconds slower than a new ferrari california with a twin turbo v8 so im just gonna point out that you are a dumbass

  12. its all about power to weight ratio. Jesus. Why do you think crotch rockets are so fast? They arent dyno queens. Fucking dumb ass. There is an older SL2 turbo pushing about 340 to the wheels on here check it out.

  13. That sc2 build is a waste of money. All that work and only putting under 300hp down to the wheels? Ugh… This is why I wont even bother seriously modding my sc2, I’d rather get an evo and spend the same amount of money that this build cost.

  14. 97 didnt have that front fascia. (i have one) I believe that was 99 and up.

  15. Actually, back in the day of the sc2, that was when saturn was saturn. Nowadays they are opel’s with saab motors. FYI saab is not from Germany 🙂

    How do I know? I have a 97 SC2 5speed and my brother has a LS with the SAAB n/a motor. 🙂

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