1 fo2 BIG CHUBBY Muzzle Brake Available at RAT WORX www.ratworxusa.com at the range

Curtis Werries, a police sniper and competition shooter, developed the Big Chubby so he could recover quickly from recoil. The idea of a completely new design originated after attending a three-week Marine Corps Urban Sniper School. Many of the drills he fired required fast follow-up shots. The popular brake he was using at the time worked well at reducing recoil, but he was chasing his reticule. Werries believed he could come up with a design that would hold the reticule on target throughout recoil. After about a year of testing and refinement, Werries and Rat Worx joined together to put the Big Chubby on the market. Several Big Chubby brakes have been tested extensively at numerous sniper schools with awesome results. With proper body alignment, shooters have been able to hold their reticule on a 2″ circle at 100 yards throughout recoil. The Big Chubby muzzle brake is designed for speed and accuracy. Available at RAT WORX www.ratworxusa.com
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22 thoughts on “1 fo2 BIG CHUBBY Muzzle Brake Available at RAT WORX www.ratworxusa.com at the range

  1. if i was a skeptic before installing one in my rifle,im now a believer.my .308 now shoots like a .223 recoilwise.my barrel length though is still an unwieldy 26 inches which i wished i had cut to 24 as the brake added 2 inches to the overall length of the rifle.its front heavy now but remains a tack driver w/o the shoulder hurt.i suppose if im not going on patrol,the long barrel wont be a problem…props to curtis werries for the excellent design and score high gunsmithing(NM) for installing it!

  2. The barrel length on this rifle is 22″ from breach to muzzle. It looks good, has good balance and doesn’t loose much velocity from the 26″ length. With Hornady 168 TAP, it is still supersonic at 1000 yards.

  3. what is the barrel length of this rifle minus the brake?i have a 26 inch barrel.i wonder if i put one on w/o cutting barrel length if it will be too oddly long?now if a barrel has to be cut short,by how much?i just ordered one but i want to duplicate your rifle length if not its accuracy.

  4. 100 yards in 56 seconds. In this video, it was done in 28 seconds.

  5. The adjustable cheekpiece and stock flat were homemade.  The flat was glass bed on the bottom of the stock with the intention of making the rifle ride a rear support bag and recoil straight to the rear. This was done when I had another brand of muzzle brake on my rifle. I have since changed out stocks and don’t need a stock flat. With any decent rear support, the rifle simply twitches.

  6. what do you have for a comb riser, and what did you use on the bottom of the stock?

  7. The blast is significant but because of the angle of the baffles neither the shooter nor spotter get any of it. If you stood near the muzzle while someone was shooting prone you can really feel the blast on your pant leg. It’s also important to be aware of your surroundings when shooting near vegetation. If you don’t back off of it the blast can give away your position by disrupting twigs, leaves, etc. above and behind you. It’s noticeably louder too but that what muffs are for.

  8. Since you seem to have some knowledge of this brake can you give me any feedback on the muzzle blast…I know some brakes arent so well designed and tend to direct the deafening blast towards the shooter…any feedback would be helpful…thanks

  9. I have one of these muzzle brakes on my custom Remington 700 in .308 and find that it makes a huge difference. I’m just getting into rifle shooting and there is a huge difference in recoil reduction. You have to shoot it to believe it, but I’ve compared it to no muzzle brake and a Badger Ordnance muzzle brake and the Big Chubby has less kick. I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it. You will be very happy in the choice you made.

  10. 168 grain hornady tap a-max at 100 yards. The targets were filmed being shot and that video is on YouTube as well

  11. The dust signature is also reduced since the gases are directed up and back instead outward from the muzzle in all directions. Well worth the money.

  12. I’ve fired almost 1000 rounds through my Rem 700 .308 with this muzzle break (and about 850 through a rifle without it) and it is truly amazing. Has to be shot to be believed. Many of these rounds were fired at sniper schools including the FBI school in Chicago. With a solid prone supported position the crosshairs stay on a 2 inch target at 100 yards. The rifle simply twitches and feels more like a .223. I highly recommend this break for police snipers or anyone who wants more muzzle control.

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