2006 Renault Laguna 2.2 DCi INITIALE AUTOMATIC Full Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

For more in depth reviews check my channel: www.youtube.com Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar Jesenice OVERVIEW There was a time when the medium car segment looked set to challenge the Australian large car as the most popular fleet and family car segment when the Toyota Corona, Ford Telstar, Holden Camira, Mitsubishi Sigma and Nissan Bluebird/Pintara were all built in Australia and offered big savings in purchase price and running costs. Apart from the Toyota Camry 4, this segment featured imports only as it slumped to an all time low of 5.4 per cent of total sales in 2002. Small cars had grown physically to such an extent that they performed the same function as a medium car at an average saving of around 40 per cent in purchase price. This decline has reversed to such an extent that the medium car segment has been running at over 8 per cent market share for August, September and October 2006, perhaps even higher as several medium-sized imports are classified as prestige models. As small car sales level out, medium car sales have arguably growin at the same rate that the large car segment has declined. When Renault’s most successful years in Australia were built on quirky, front-drive liftbacks with flexible cabin space and low running costs priced the same as a larger Australian family car, the latest Laguna II 2.2dCi Liftback may generate the turnaround marque has been chasing in this class. Keen pricing has slashed the solid 990 ask for the Laguna Privilege V6 auto
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25 thoughts on “2006 Renault Laguna 2.2 DCi INITIALE AUTOMATIC Full Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

  1. Can you please talk…. like saabkyle04, he is King of this kind video~

  2. some of the fancier models like this initiale were fitted with keyless entry which meant the card only had to be recorded inside the car rather than in the slot. I found this out when I took my Dynamique for its service and asked Renault :L

  3. i have the laguna to, i have the 10/10/2002 model, same inside! but LPG+benzine, and it has a huge motor sound(is that normal? sound like a s-klasse motor) and at the seats, the place for my head it’s up, both are up, is that normal, or did i just buy a crashed and fixed laguna? please answer! thx

  4. Question: where is place for drink can? In my older Laguna 2 [2001.] – there is a place for drink when you open middle box [above the radio]. Also – there is no GPS installed? Or there are models with it? And finally – I heard when you enter card and hit start – Laguna should play sampled female voice. Does it exist in this car? Thanx.

  5. why is the card slot still present when u don’t have to use it ?

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