Engine tasks

” We went to quite a bit of trouble to get this engine out of our Lotus and that’s because we’ve got several jobs to do and it’s a lot easier when it’s on the bench. Now the most obvious, was this manifold here, because of the crack it sounds like a tank, so we’re gonna change that, but also this cam belt here. Because the history of the car, we’re not really sure of when the cam belt was last changed, and because it could do an awful lot of damage if it was to break, we’re gonna change that as a matter of course.” ” How much damage? Well, if the belt snaps and the valves smash into the pistons, you’re looking at thousands of pounds to fix it.” ” First, I align the distributor, crank and drive shaft to top dead center by lining up the helpful markings on the pulleys.” ” Undo the tensioner and the old belt slides off easily, to be replaced by a brand spanking new one for only 33 pounds. Mike will be happy.” ” The belt’s back on, so what I’m doing now is just rotating the engine by hand ah, a complete. Revolution.” ” Okay,um, I’m just gonna trying to line up against the top dead center, just to see, make sure all our marks still line up. Which they do, which means, I’ve very successfully replaced our cam belt.” ” Now it’s time to tackle the exhaust.” ” Gotta take this manifold off, but the problem is, you can see, these rusty nuts on the rusty studs holding it onto the engine. So, I’m gonna get some heat on these guys, see if I can expand the nut. And wind it off ever so

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10 thoughts on “Engine tasks

  1. That new header is fucking weird. Can’t believe it’s not one piece. The U.K. sure gets some weird parts. 

  2. i wasnt supposed to laugh when he said rusty nuts on rusty studs was I?

  3. look fuckhead I don`t own a lotus (I wish) and don`t really have anything to say to you ABOUT YOU GAY DAD FUCKING FANTASIES

    mostly fuk off

  4. I don’t think he would like to touch your lotus, I bet it all covered with your semen stains as you rubbing your genitals into it every day.

  5. you might want to wash the gasket surface (on the head) with solvent BEFORE putting a new gasket on. duh

    what a hack I wouldn`t let that guy touch my lotus

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