FOREX on FOX Business TV – FX Bootcamp’s Wayne McDonell

Quick overview of FX Bootcamp and forex trading on the Fox Business Television Network

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26 thoughts on “FOREX on FOX Business TV – FX Bootcamp’s Wayne McDonell

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  3. He is running a business and he has a business model. He is not twisting anybody’s arm. He is licensed to give advice, so that tells me that he should know what he is talking about. But it does not neccessarily make him a good trader. You don’t have to buy anything from him. There are tons of free forex information on reputable websites. I have my own website which give free information to anyone who is interested in forex.

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  12. I dont believe any trading company unless they show their live real live trades being placed in real time..and showing their real money accounts and past history.
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  13. Wayne, you speak in a very compreensive way but you also showed some insecure in this interview and I read that the best traders are not insecure of themselves neither when they lose 1 milion they know why it happened!! I was about to buy your book but after I read that review on Amazon that the book advertises your website an it’s damn expensive ($100 for 7 week trial) If you’re so good you could have 8 digits why you do that crapy price? Because you’re not that good.

  14. I see on your channel info that you are 109 years old. Going strong and providing 12 hours training a day, how do you do it?

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  16. nice trading info for beginners! thanks FOX. People – scalping is the best!

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