Drag Racing Android- LEVEL 10 VEYRON SS

JOIN DRAGRACINGFORUM.NET_Day 1 with bugatti. This car demands precise shifts at certain rpm’s. I havent seem to get the timing yet. This tune can hit 7.298 its just random when i get it though. Shoutouts to all the people who avg. under 7.3. Any suggestions on getting to avg. 7.29s would be appreciated.
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26 thoughts on “Drag Racing Android- LEVEL 10 VEYRON SS

  1. Have to race in pro league in the level of car u want stars over and win alot in proleague to get stars over car

  2. How did you get this stars over your nickname in online race? Please answer me.

  3. @blomsterjimmy the tune cost u 900k and 2.7k rp.. To get this car and all upgrades, I prefer 10million of money and 20k of rp.. Maybe more.. 😉 but I got this car just a few hours of hardwork lol!

  4. i need help, the game got deleted from my android and i installed it again and when i enter the game to play i go back to the start of the game with 15k of money and no cars, i was really ahead i had lvl 10 bugati and had 3 million bucks, please how do i get back into my other account. Please need help. thanks

  5. @Killerako. Hack a game phone, cmon. Thanx for the hate. Add TBK_R3DLIN3

  6. Cheers favorable on the proficient information. Clearly fair-minded wen up! My spouse and i repeatedly accomplish certainly not expanding in those nevertheless stew over anyone does a new animatedly buddy-buddy despoile along with I’m undoubted a lot of people suavity your a lesser amount of at just about any rate.

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