Carjam: Sexy Sumo Subaru Forester Commercial Ad 2011

Carjam Radio Show — A Car Show About People Website: Twitter: Youtube: Subaru is debuting its new “Dog Approved” campaign during the annual Animal Planet Dog fest on Sundays. The two dogs used in the commercials, Olive and Zelda, were adopted from animal shelters. Subaru has sponsored the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since last year and is marking its connection with the organization through this new television campaign. The Subaru Forester is an all-wheel drive station wagon, now crossover, manufactured since 1997 by Subaru. Originally introduced to the United States in 1998, the Forester shared its platform with the Impreza up to the third generation and now features a hybrid platform of the Japanese Impreza wagon and the rear platform of the US-spec Impreza sedan.[1] The Forester was designed and built with four-wheel drive (AWD) as standard equipment. In the US, in 2003, a turbocharged Forester, the XT, was released alongside the naturally-aspirated X and XS in the United States as a 2004 model. However, the same model had been available since the late 1990s elsewhere in the world. The X and XS models feature a 2.5 L SOHC engine, while the XT model features a 2.5 L turbocharged DOHC engine. Both engines have timing belt driven camshafts.[6] The XT model uses the same Mitsubishi TD04 turbocharger used in the Subaru Impreza WRX. The engine in the 2004 to 2005 Forester XT is identical to the

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10 thoughts on “Carjam: Sexy Sumo Subaru Forester Commercial Ad 2011

  1. The girl that hands the guy a strawberry is in a band and they came to my school! haha she tolds us this and we were like whaat? cool! 🙂

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