Birth Place and Date: Jamaica, West Indies, November 21st GOSPELREGGAE.COM Official Bio Osmond Collins was born in Jamaica, West Indies and immigrated to the United States as a young teen. It wasn’t long before his love for music took him to a place of discovery. Marge Grudzinski, a music teacher in his high school, recognized his gifts and fostered his talents. In his high school years he continued to be given lead vocal for the songs sung by the school boys chorus and gained much of his initial stage experience. Coming from Jamaica, he was quite shy and unexposed to the world of performance but from that stage he went on to sing in church and after high school in his college years he entered the secular industry professionally. Signing management contracts with an experienced music composer Elmo Christian, he learned much more about stage performance and also developed his arranging skills. In desperate times when no one could play his music he in seconds learned to play the piano. This was the first of many amazing miracles of his life. Osmond signed contracts with MCA Records after three years with Elmo. He soon discovered however that his love for the secular music business had died and his passion for Christ and Christian music had come to full bloom. Although the timing was off he surrendered the contract with MCA to head in a new market unfamiliar to him from a business point. It has not been without its ups and downs because after his contract with Elmo was up he

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  1. I like the video player on “reggaelinx website”better, it allows you to zoom in and play in slow motion. Plus they allow you to play your own playlist. You guys should check it out.

  2. Have you seen “reggaelinx website” it is like YouTube for reggae videos. It is so much easier to find and play reggae videos.

  3. Hears a fantstic song by Collin tonight called he will restore…lovely too.

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