Bermuda Ducking Stool

Market night in St. George’s also see a recreation of the “Ducking Stool” a 17 century form of punishment for nags and gossips. For the town drunk (A visitor that volutereed) the punishment was less severe. In this case, buying a round of drinks kept him out of the stocks!
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19 thoughts on “Bermuda Ducking Stool

  1. no durning the time they were tied to the chair and held under more like water boarding for not obeying your husband or father, it was more then just and insult was torture, i dont know fun and games now but people forget the truth of history

  2. all fun and good but knowing mankind i bet the real one had the women tied up and they were held down nearly drowning, more like waterboarding

  3. How ’bout we do this to Politicians who Fib ! How about Hillary, for starters.

  4. Damn, that looks like fun! I wonder if they can get some hotter dunkees 2 particip8?

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