Kettle Corn NYC featured on Food Network Unwrapped

Kettle corn, fresh hand-popped to perfection, popped fresh to-order. Free FedEx shipping. Free samples of many kettlecorn flavors. Many flavors of Kettle Corn Popcorn and flavored gourmet popcorn using specialized cooking techniques with exact ingredients and timing that allow each kernel to glaze, incorporating the flavor into the corn without scorching the batch. This technique differs from those that pop corn separately and add a flavor on top of the corn after it is popped.

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13 thoughts on “Kettle Corn NYC featured on Food Network Unwrapped

  1. Most people don’t realize how dangerous it is to make fresh kettle corn over an open fire. I worked as a kettle corn cook for three years and I have plenty of scars from flying hot kernels. Working in 150 degree environment with burning hot kernels flying at your face is like an adrenaline rush.

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  3. Wow! Look at you! This is an amazing channel! Also truly fun!! Let’s stay in touch. Visit me sometimes!

  4. HAD this for the first time yesterday- smelled its delicious aroma at the Bryant Park holiday show. It is unbelievably delicious!!!!

  5. This stuff really is the best. And you won’t get any duds or kernels, either. It’s my favorite.

  6. This is the most delicious kettle corn – I order it online almost every week! Love it!!!

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