Mercedes Benz 420SEL W126

The W126 S-Class, the most successful production S-Class in history, and has secured a place as one of the most well-remembered luxury vehicles–described by some as a “classic.” Its twelve-year production run was longer than any S-Class before or since, and following the debut of the W140 S-Class in 1991, the additional two years of production in South Africa was a testament to the W126’s popularity in the export market. Although an expensive car to maintain, mostly due to the increased expense of Mercedes-Benz replacement parts, a late model W126, if properly driven, can still be a viable proposition today. Many W126s have been prominently featured in films long after production ended. The Mercedes-Benz W126 was a series of flagship vehicles manufactured by German automotive marque Mercedes-Benz. Premiering in September 1979 as the successor to the earlier W116 line, the W126 was the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz flagship to officially bear the S-Class name referring to Sonderklasse or “special class.” The W126 was initially offered in straight-6, V8, and turbo diesel sedan models. In September 1981, 2-door coupé versions of the W126 were introduced. Compared to its predecessor, the W126 was more aerodynamic, fuel efficient, capacious, and powerfully engined. The W126 S-Class debuted a new Mercedes-Benz design style which was subsequently used on other vehicles in the company’s lineup. The W126 line also introduced many notable Mercedes-Benz safety innovations
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25 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz 420SEL W126

  1. I like listening to the dude speak German for 4 minutes and watch the car

  2. my dad drove three of these over almost 20 years, he was the last owner of each one. Never would give it away unless no other choice. Neither woul I if I had one.

  3. No, that is definitely not true. The safety ratings of contemporary Mercedes models are outstanding, and world-class. The new Mercedes models are greatly improved especially in the area of safety.

  4. During the Crash test I notice the Bumpers was not their or was just me

  5. Übrigens wurden Airbags nicht erst “1991 erstmals in der S-Klasse” eingeführt, wie der Film behauptet. Ab ’91 wurde er lediglich serienmäßig eingebaut, gegen Aufpreis gab es ihn von Anfang an.

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