2008 Isuzu Ascender

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. If it wasn’t for General Motors, Isuzu’s presence in the United States would’ve likely vanished several years ago. In fact, many have considered this Japanese automaker out of the US market for quite some time now, but their small dealer network continues to sell 2 vehicles: the I-series pickup, and this SUV called the Ascender.
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30 thoughts on “2008 Isuzu Ascender

  1. Its more like an Envoy than a TrailBlazer. I wish that they still made the Envoy or the Ascender and gave them more of a sporty look than a traditional SUV. My aunt has a 2008 Ascender, and I love the car!

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  3. Isuzu should have brought over their international catalog instead of rebadging GM vehicles. The MU-7 and the diesel powered DMax would have done better than the Ascender.

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  5. Isuzu HAS BEEN DEAD since the beginning of 2009! And The Colorado/Canyon is NOT being discontinued. You need to catch up with the news, that shit your saying is from like 2008. This is 2010. Isuzu is long gone and the Colorado is now being redesigned not discontinued. The Trailblazer and its cousins have been gone since Isuzu left the market a year and some ago.

  6. last time I checked, when Chevrolet and GMC phases out its small pick up model (Canyon model), Isuzu will officially be dead.

  7. Im an Isuzu lover myself, but dude get with the time, Isuzu has been pulled out of the US market since January 31st, 2009. Its very hard to find a Ascender or any of the Isuzu I-series pickups. Rodeos remain the most common but even they are gettin hard to find.

  8. GM needs to stop neglecting Isuzu. Isuzu has always made magnificent vehicles, especially the Rodeo and the Trooper. Even though they rebadged many vehicles, it was still right, and the design actually looked different. I love Isuzu and please don’t phase them out of North America, GM. Otherwise, I will move to Japan and buy me a Isuzu.

  9. compared to the trailblazer the izusu version is much better done inside and out and i like the styling cues both in/out better on the izusu version anyway! just like the saab 9-7x

  10. I have four words for Isuzu:

    1. Bring
    2. The
    3. Trooper
    4. Back

  11. They should make an Isuzu model of the Traverse when the Trail Blazer is done.

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