Market Matrix Exposed; Occult Code 11 (1/3)

Is the Dow Jones (and by extension the entire world wide stock market ) a software?? Clearly numerology is being used here… I have tried to demonstrate that number “11” might be the code right now (since March 2009)… Bernie Madoff Was The Occult Code In Early 2009 (2+9=11)!! Bernie Madoff; – Born on April, 29 (2+9=11), 1938 (3+8=11) – Arrested on Dec, 11, 2008 – Pleaded guilty on March 12, 2009 (2+9=11) to 11 federal offenses. March 12, 2009? 03/12/2009 or 03, 1+2=3, 2+9=11 or 3×3,11 or 9:11 – Defrauded his clients of almost (6+5=11) billion in the largest Ponzi scheme in history. – Was sentenced to 150 yrs in prison on June 29 (2+9=11) , 2009 (2+9=11) – Scheduled date of release out of prison: 11-14-2139 (1+1+1+4+2+1+3+9=22) Release date: 11-14-2139?? 11, (14)7+7, (21)7+7+7, (39)13+13+13 Remember The Dow Is Up 11 Straight Months Since Then! Was This A Code For The Clerks Who Manage Money For The Psychotic / Astrology / Numerology / Ego Obsessed “Elite”????? There is no need to dwell too much on the subject because ultimately the stock charts will reflect everything in price action… We should as such use it minimally but we MUST consider it too from time to time. This is such a time!! Keep In Mind This Stock Market Manipulation Has Been Going On For Weeks!! How old was Tiger Woods when his sex scandal erupted on 11, 25, 2009 (36 or 6+6+6+6+6+6 or 666 as in 3 6’s days before his 34th Birthday)? Ans; 33! When did he announce he was taking a break from golf? Ans
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  1. I really like your writing style, excellent information, thanks for putting up :D. “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less.” by Norman Mailer.

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