Running Fred iPhone Gameplay Review –

Running Fred iPhone Gameplay Review. Visit for more great iPhone and iPad game reviews. Installed Size – 108 MB http – View App Rating & Current Price

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24 thoughts on “Running Fred iPhone Gameplay Review –

  1. its awsome but i only heve an ipod toch and it has to much good grafics :c

  2. I wish my game would run this smoothly. Mine just lags like a son of a bitch and makes me fall into all the traps and there is nothing that i can do to stop it.

  3. it’s like a running game too.But,this game is different.This game has many gore galore.And the game was pretty amazing. 😉 You should try falling fred and falling fred z too.
    Rates S-For sick people only. 🙂

  4. if i were you i would take it down if it’s not readily available and put it back up when it is. What’s the sense in waiting for enough people to complain they can’t have it and having the page up as if they can. I bought falling fred some months ago and downloaded the falling fred z a couple of weeks ago, what’s the big deal? anyways. the game looks good everyone should be able to download it soon.

  5. Please do go to: (triple W) and report the problem – this issue is on Apple’s side and they won’t even look at it until enough users have called this out.

  6. I tried downloading it via wi-fi and the errror was, the item you tried to buy is not available. Iphone 3gs. I did not download the latest software update for apple. They tweaked the screen brightness so it will only go so bright with that update. Im not saying there is a software incompatibility issue.

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