Fibonacci Trading Strategies with Extensions and Retracements

More at In this detail-packed interview, I speak with successful private trader David Buffalo. We discuss how he uses Fibonacci ratios to establish price levels the one extension level he uses to find profitable trades over and over again. We discuss why a “complete price leg” is a critical signal for him and how he uses neural net software to find patterns he can recognize to find explosive moves. David talks about the one indicator he uses and how he has adjusted it slightly to include another indicator to draw a complete picture of the index, ETF or stock he is trading. Finally, we discuss his very specific way of setting his stop losses and how he adjusts them if needed. We finish by discussing how he sets goals for himself and measures his personal success in the markets.

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3 thoughts on “Fibonacci Trading Strategies with Extensions and Retracements

  1. Thanks for these posts! Are the interviews on your site available as mp3 downloads or on an orderable CD? I’d love to listen to these interviews while working out or driving in the car.

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